Whole Mouth Dental Implants | Cost, options, what to expect, frequently asked questions (2023)

At Winning Smiles, the most popular treatment we offer is full mouth dental implants to replace all teeth and correct tooth loss. so do wecomplete veneer setswhen the needs are more of a cosmetic nature. The options are described below.to help you choose.

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  • the three differentTypes and costs of complete sets of implants, Advantages and disadvantages
  • Weildental implant treatments?
  • how we choose ourspreferred dental implant systemand because

The three treatment options for full jaw dental implants to replace all of your teeth

The full mouth dental implant methods we use provide complete stability so you can eat whatever you want and your teeth often look better than your original teeth. People will notice your smile.

Option 1: Removable dentures on full implants

Whole Mouth Dental Implants | Cost, options, what to expect, frequently asked questions (1)
Whole Mouth Dental Implants | Cost, options, what to expect, frequently asked questions (2)

Cost from £5,600 (lower jaw) Cost from £9,000 (upper jaw)

These teeth can be removed by the patient and must be extracted twice a day to clean the implants that support them.

Using implants to secure a special implant prosthesis is the most cost-effective way to replace all of the teeth in the jaw. Implant supported dentures rest on your gums but have 2-4 implants that hold them in place and solve one of the biggest problems patients talk about with traditional conventional dentures: the fact that they just don't stay in place !

Note: The cost difference between the lower and upper jaw is due to the fact that we have to place twice as many implants in the upper jaw. The bone is no longer as strong and the prosthesis needs extra support.

Implant dentures stay firmly in place, allowing you to resume eating hard foods and speaking with the confidence that they won't fall out mid-sentence.

Advantagesof implant-supported dentures

  • Ideal for patients who are already used to wearing dentures as these dentures do not move; You can eat an apple with it.
  • Because this denture is supported by implants, it is less bulky and only partially covers the palate. Most patients who gag with normal dentures can wear them without triggering the gag reflex.
  • The most economical way to replace a full arch or oral cavity with fallen out or missing teeth.
  • Also, these teeth are easier to clean than fixed bridge teeth because you can simply pull them out and apply them directly to the implants with a toothbrush. Ideal for patients who have difficulty cleaning or who have dexterity problems, for example due to arthritis.

Disadvantagesof implant-supported dentures

  • They are removable and must be removed twice a day to clean the area around the implants that carry them.
  • They are more voluminous than permanently attached implant teeth (bridge teeth).
  • Specialized connectors (e.g. positioners or bar handles) wear out over time from daily removal and reinstallation, requiring periodic replacement of these parts.
  • This full arch solution cannot be placed on the same day that the implants are placed. Not suitable for teeth on the same day. Patients are typically required to wear an adhesive temporary for three months before the implant-supported denture is attached.

Option 2: Permanently attached full mouth implant acrylic teeth

Whole Mouth Dental Implants | Cost, options, what to expect, frequently asked questions (3)
Whole Mouth Dental Implants | Cost, options, what to expect, frequently asked questions (4)

Costs from £13,500after pine

A complete set of fixed pontic teeth with ready to use high quality acrylic or composite denture teeth wrapped around a titanium framework directly connected to 4 implants. These bridges are permanently fixed in the mouth.

AdvantagesComplete fixed acrylic titanium implant

  • A cost-effective option that uses commercially available teeth instead of custom ceramic teeth
  • Given the right conditions, these teeth can be placed on implants on the same day as extractions and implant placements (every 4 teeth/on the same day).
  • Much less bulky than implant-supported dentures or traditional dentures
  • Permanently fixed in place, does not need to be removed daily for cleaning

DisadvantagesComplete fixed acrylic implant

  • These bridges are not as stable as fixed all-ceramic bridges, the long-term failure rate is higher
  • Resin/composite teeth will begin to stain after the first year or two, unlike ceramic teeth which are more resistant to staining.
  • Because these structures are not as rigid, we tend to shorten these bridges by putting fewer teeth on them.

Option 3: Permanently fixed full mouth implant ceramic teeth

Costs from £18,000after pine

A fully fixed set of custom ceramic teeth, lovingly sculpted by our ceramic master. The gold standard for whole mouth implant treatment. Not only do these teeth remain beautiful for years, they also resemble natural teeth in size, shape and feel. Each one is as strong and beautiful as the real tooth.

AdvantagesCeramic full tooth implants

  • The strongest full-implant bridge teeth with very low long-term failure rates
  • Because they are so strong; Higher acquisition costs are offset by less frequent replacement
  • Ceramic (also called porcelain) is the most stain-resistant material on the market: these teeth are more stain-resistant than natural enamel and retain their shine for many years.
  • These bridges closely resemble the size of natural teeth and are much less bulky than the plastic alternative.
  • With these bridges, each tooth is made individually. The attention to detail gives them a natural shine unattainable with acrylic or composite bridge teeth.

DisadvantagesCeramic full tooth implants

  • Because they are completely tailored to the individual and made from the best material, they are the most expensive option.

Why dental implants?

These dental treatments are the perfect solution in many situations. They might be just what you're looking for if:

  • You've just lost a single tooth, more teeth;
  • You know you are going to lose a tooth or teeth;
  • you are afraid that you might lose some or all of your teeth;
  • have recently lost or are beginning to lose their teeth but do not want dentures (false teeth);
  • currently wears dentures and dislikes wearing them;
  • You cannot wear dentures as this will cause you to choke or choke
Whole Mouth Dental Implants | Cost, options, what to expect, frequently asked questions (7)

Complete dental implant sets

Dental implants for the whole mouth are all connected to titanium attachments in the jawbone, which are immune to decay and extremely strong.

We can replace your missing teeth with porcelain or acrylic teeth that are firmly attached to titanium implants in your jawbone.

Teeth on the same day or "All on 4" implant system

When conditions are favorable (not in all cases), the stability of these implants means patients can leave the clinic just hours after arrival with their final full denture – no temporary adjustments are needed.

Immediate dental implants?

If you are worried about losing all or some of your teeth, talk to our implantologist. Things are probably not as bad as you think and we're always happy to talk to you about the range of issuesdental implant procedureThat will help, as quickly or slowly as needed.

It is important to realize that tooth extraction will result in bone loss if not promptly replaced. This is the common reason bone grafts are required when teeth are missing for a long period of time. We will be happy to advise you after the initial consultation and create a detailed treatment plan for you.

Our dentist for dental implants

Take a look at a gallery selection of our before and after pictures
Whole mouth dental implant case studies

How we chose our dental implant system

We only use the best implants available and all of our implants come from the same manufacturer. It might be useful to see how we chose them.

The titanium part of the implant teeth is of course available from several manufacturers.

The implants we use come from a manufacturer called Ankylos. These titanium implants are the foundation on which we build your new teeth. If they fail, we have a serious problem. Teeth, bridges, dentures on implants can be replaced. However, when the implants fail, replacement is a complicated and lengthy process.

The four largest implant manufacturers that we believe have the longest track record and the strongest long-term research and development are

  • Ankylos
  • Nobel
  • straumann
  • Astra

These are companies that have invested in improvements over the years and have the data and long-term results needed to produce the most reliable titanium implants.

There are also old companies that still use old designs and have not invested in the necessary research and development. There are also startups that base their designs on expired patents and innovative companies that bring something new to the market.

Our problem with newer implant systems is that, by definition, there are no long-term studies on failure rates. We prefer long-term success rates to all other decision criteria.

There are many old and new technologies, including brands like Southern, Megagen, Hiossen, Zimmer Biomet, Sirona, DS Taper, Euroteknika and DTI. We are not commenting on anything other than how we made our decision to give patients confidence in the technology we use.

Why we chose Anklyos

You showed usthe most impressive studies on long-term success rates.

Does it hurt?

The most amazing thing about dental implants is that they hardly cause any pain.

It sounds like it must hurt, but the reality is that most toothaches are caused by touching a nerve in a living tooth. In this case we remove the teeth completely. Therefore, at Winning Smiles we are extremely cautious about the overall pain management, although some discomfort does occur. We take our time, give our full attention and never rush.

Your jaw will be numbed during the surgery so you won't feel any pain.

In our experience, with one or two implants, you can return to work or resume your normal activities the same day. If you have multiple implants or an entire jaw being treated, like any other surgery, you will need a few days of rest.

If you wish, you can also opt for sedation.

You need someone to accompany you home.

What is the treatment?

After a free initial consultation to find out if dental implants are the right treatment for you, we promptly perform a detailed examination and X-rays using our special low-dose CT scanner.

Winning Smiles' in-house CT scanner eliminates expensive CT hospital referrals (up to £600!). We prepare a written assessment and account for all full mouth implant costs so there are no surprises.

Why should you choose Earn Smiles?

Winning Smiles has been providing private cosmetic dentistry to adults for 20 years. We have placed over 5,000 dental implants and utilize the latest technology to make our service accurate, comfortable and considerate.

We place the health of your teeth at the center of every decision we make and always explain and discuss all the options with you. We practice painless dentistry.

The free consultation

Without seeing things for ourselves, we cannot tell people what their options are.

And with that in mind, we're happy to offer free consultations because it's a big decision for most people. As we explain all the options available, we make sure to keep budget, comfort and looks in mind, and there's never any pressure to move on, certainly not back then.

Our goal is to be a friendly practice, offering what's right for everyone, at an affordable price. We hope our dentist reviews give that impression.

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Extended price list for dental implants

The following advanced dental implant costs are correct but are subject to change. We provide you with the prices for each "cosmetic treatment" in writing as part of our free consultation. You don't have to be a member to get treatment at Winning Smiles.

Type of treatmentPrices for members from
routine examinationIncluding
routine small x-raysIncluding
Airflow Stain Removal - All Teeth35 £
OPG (Large Panoramic X-rays)105 £
New patient exam + two x-rays130 £
Full Case Review - Implants175 £
Computed Tomography180 £
brightening330 £
dental implant treatmentPrices for members from
Padded prosthetic implant260 £
implant removal495 £
Implantatbrücke Pontic650 £
Minor bone graft650 £
Simple dental implant, surgery and crown1.800 £
Aesthetic dental implant, surgery and crown2.350 £
Bridge on implants 5 teeth4.900 £
Lower removable implant prosthesis on 2 implants5.600 £
Lower removable implant prosthesis on 4 implants8400 £
Upper removable implant prosthesis on 4 implants8.400 £
Full Arch Acrylic Bridge Implant / All on Four / Teeth in One Day13.500 £
Denture bar on implants1.500 £
Implant full-arch ceramic bridge19.000 £

case studies

Follow the links below to see examples of Andrew's recent dental implant cases:

  • Dentures and smile makeovers: case study
  • A complete set of replacement teeth: case study
  • Implant bridge: case study
  • Implant-borne prosthetics: case study

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What are they saying about us?

Painless, professional and perfect

Without pain, professional and perfect. I'm very glad I chose Winning Smiles when I found out I needed itdental implants; The friendly, professional and perfectionist team offers dental treatments at the highest level. After a thorough initial assessment of the caseAndrésI discussed the issues and options with myself, explaining both the procedures and the cost of a comprehensive treatment aimed at both solving my existing dental problems and preventing potential problems. The treatment I chose was painless and at a really excellent level. I would definitely recommend Winning Smiles to anyone who has a fear of dentists and/or is looking for top quality dental services.

Richard Zurawik and Richard Zurawik

Fantastic service for dental implants

Years ago, due to an accident, I had a bridge placed that didn't look right and didn't match the color of the rest of my teeth. When he appeared in the photos, he didn't smile for years. Last year, the bridge began to loosen to the point that I could only eat soft foods for fear of it falling off. The bridge collapsed four months ago. I have made an appointment to visitDr. Andrew Fennellin Winning Smile.
After my consultation with Andrew I knew he was the man for the job as he is extremely professional and walked me through all the options.
Andrew removed all of my top teeth and I had oneimplanted prosthesis. I can't tell you how my quality of life has already changed. Simple things like eating an apple or a steak make all the difference. Just being able to smile again makes a big difference. He's a really confident show-off.
I cannot thank Andrew and his amazing team at Winning Smiles for the fantastic service and professionalism they gave me.

Sam Mitchell und Sam Mitchell

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