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John Deere is a manufacturer of construction machinery, lawn and garden equipment and diesel engines. John Deere has recently started offering financial services. John Deere offers telephone support and a FAQ website.

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Phone: 800-537-8233

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customer reviews


To damage

Posted by David

on 3/15/18 at 7:18 p.m

Last spring we bought JD 8283 work boots from Maysville Harness in Maysville OH. After minimal wear, we noticed that the sole was separating from the upper. We sent them back to the retailer. Not having a supply to replace them and needing them for work, the harness maker sewed the sole to the upper. Now the sole separates from the upper near the heel section where the Amish man could not sew due to the thickness of the material.

We are aware that this product has exceeded its guaranteed coverage but we are very disappointed in your product. We are loyal owners of John Deere equipment, including agricultural and construction equipment, and we believe that John Deere has lent its excellent name and reputation to an inferior product. Your welcome to call me



Posted by Anonymous

on 2/19/18 at 4:43 p.m

How do I report a part failure that I think is premature? A cylinder head must last more than 25 months. Of course, the warranty is 24 months. :-(
How do I find out if this part has a "factory recall"? The dealer said he had seen this problem before.



Posted by slim

on 11/30/17 at 12:01 p.m

I retired in early 2017 and my wife and kids bought me a John Deere D130. I bought and delivered the new JD D130 online from Lowes. At first he almost fell out of the truck when the guys tried to get him out of the truck. We're fine on the ground, aren't we? I signed and huddled in my yard until I could read the book. After test driving my new tractor I noticed one of the bags had a tear so I called Lowes and they said to return it with the receipt and they would exchange it. Ok I paid for shipping but I want everything to be ok so I'm going to Lowes and they will exchange it. I get home and install it and start the tractor and hear a prompt under the hood so I open it to find the battery was disconnected. How do you make John Deere? I go to Lowes hoping to find a stand they have at the store and the guy tells me no John Deere is peeping and using a zip tie. Since I just want to get things working I look at the ones on the tractors and go and buy one and install it when I get home. Some problems, but not too bad yet. Then all of a sudden we used the 8 yard dump truck for the 4th time hauling nothing over a hundred pounds the first 3 times only to find a huge crack in the plastic truck but this time I called John Deere customer service and got it the rudest young lady saying just call your local dealer but I bought it from Lowes. Well, I call and explain that the car is broken and the guy asks me: did you get it from us? Not Lowes, call Lowes and click, the phone is dead. I call and text several times and one of the emails I get says I'm dealing with another company that has nothing to do with John Deere has to do and even writes that when I look at the sticker on the car, it clearly says that it was not manufactured. by JohnDeere. Well this person was half right, he was from another company but not the one she had passed with. I call several times and end up calling Hailey, who poses as the supervisor but does nothing about all of our concerns. So I write to customer service again and eventually get a call from another man who says he's Hawley's manager but again doesn't respond to our concerns. So at the end of our conversation I ask him why he called and wasted his time talking about NOTHING for ten minutes. Trust me, everything I've written back and forth has been documented along with conversations with and by John Deere. In the end, Lowes replaced the tub in John Deere's garden truck, not John Deere. It's a very sad ending for what was supposed to be a retirement gift and turned out to be a nightmare. I thought I did some research before buying a John Deere, apparently I didn't do enough research to realize that after selling a John Deere product, John Deere could care less about the customer. Being retired has a few other perks, I have time to write what really happens after you buy a John Deere, you really should be ashamed.



Posted by Princess

on 11/16/17 at 1:24 p.m

Boy I hope this review gets published so others can read how my disabled husband was treated and this tractor was giving him more and more pain so I put the stupid John Deere D130 tractor up for sale and he said we will find a tractor that has nothing to do with John Deere. I wish they could see the pain they caused a man who just wanted a John Deere for his retirement. Problem after problem after problem. Stay away from this company.



Posted by the worst tractor ever

on 11/16/17 at 1:11 p.m

My sole purpose here is to show that John Deere doesn't give a damn about a sale. Problems since we bought our D130. First the digger kit broke and had to go back to the store like new and exchange it for a new one. Then there was a rattle after takeoff, why was that? Nothing is holding the battery back, so I return to the store only to find that JD just puts a zip tie on to hold the battery. So of course I bought a large bridle at my own expense. A few weeks ago our JD 8 yard garbage truck broke down from top to bottom and JD told me to call the local dealer who asked if I would buy it for him no so go back to Lowes. All in all a terrible company with 10+ emails and 5 phone calls. Stay away from John Deere. Nothing is ever John Deeres' fault.

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