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Midgar – Sector 07 Slums

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After the news about Peach and what happened to Poppi, the mood among the seekers was somber to the point of disaster. Zenkichi only felt more grumpy and probably found a way to blame himself. This time even Pit couldn't find any encouraging words. If Susie took care of it, she didn't say anything. Roxas had run off alone and Giovanna doubted she could have stopped him even if she tried. With him out of the picture, Bo being taken to the nearest clinic to recover, and Tora unresponsive, things felt pretty bleak between the remaining five. The secret agent waited in expressionless silence until he received his drink.That's why I'm not a leaderThought.Managing people and morals is too much work.

Luckily, during the course of the expedition that ill-fated morning, the Seekers had chosen someone who made it his life's work to rescue others from the hopeless depths they found themselves in, be it emotionally or financially. As Partitio spoke, trying to awaken the spirits of the shadowy heroes, Giovanna gave him a grateful smile. Even if it sounded cheesy, she wore her heart on her sleeve. Although it felt like a compliment to someone whose death no one wanted to believe, he agreed with Partitio's toast and took a deep sip from his glass. For better or worse, this man was the real man, and if he was planning on joining the Seekers for the long haul, she wouldn't say no. A "never say die" attitude was just what the team needed right now.

Of course, the most important thing they had to do was stop thinking about the day's losses. Instead of allowing them to wallow in their misery and sink even further, they needed something to be done. As long as these types of heroes could see the light at the end of the tunnel and fight for a happy ending, they could probably move on. With that in mind, after finishing his drink, he excused himself and made another glyph call. He called Goldlewis with low expectations, but was suddenly showered with a double barrage of vital information. It hadn't been half an hour since their last conversation, but it turned out that a lot could change in a short time. And this time it had changed for the better.

After a few minutes she returned to the others, purposeful in her step. "The situation has changed," he announced, carefully picking up Tora. Roxas was back, which was good. Simplified things a bit. "We're going to the surface. We have an appointment in the city of glass.

"Glass City?" the Nopon asked suddenly. "Like the high-tech city of the super-rich where androids are made?"

Giovanna agreed. "That's it. We're going to meet Goldlewis and the others there, so let's get on with it. We don't want to be late."

Midgar - Sector 05 Seiran Hideout

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, none of the others could really provide an answer to Goldlewis' question. For all they had been through, they were still very much new to Midgar, and the city, practically a nation unto itself, was overwhelmingly vast and complex. When it came to the seekers' search for answers, the parables of a needle in a haystack emerged. Still, the events of last night and this morning offered some clues, and where to go next was a question based on what the heroes wanted to do, so Goldlewis reflected on everything they'd learned by two to find. They fell through the cracks together.

Before he could get anywhere, a few more guests stormed the Seekers' party, but at least these newcomers were welcome and eagerly awaited faces. "There you are!" cried Goldlewis just as Midna and Raz emerged from the princess' portal. Normally he'd be angrier than a wet chicken thrown into dangerous, uncharted territory by two teammates with no plan and no means of communication, but now he decided to appreciate his blessing. "I won't say you're a sight to behold, but we miss you dearly. Where on Sam Hill did they all go?

They both couldn't wait to tell what those beans were. What they heard on that truck helped fill in some serious gaps in the Seekers' understanding left by the rapid turn of events in the subterranean Nexus. The soldiers' frank discussion revealed that the entire operation, ordered, planned, and carried out in such a short period of time, was not just a public relations stunt to boost Shinra's approval ratings during election season, but a method of quelling internal dissent. , as ruthless as it is efficient. Freezing the real Others had been just the icing on the cake when it came to neutralizing the rogue Seiran garrison. By now almost everyone had heard rumors of the long-running feud between the top and bottom halves of Sector 05, but this turn of events escalated the conflict more than Goldlewis could have imagined. "Sweet mother of pearl," he murmured. "This is going to be ugly. Travers, you fucking idiot, if you're on the side of justice, why do you have to waste your time on puzzles?

After thinking about it for a while, he cleared his throat. "I was just about to recap what we know, so they came at just the right time. Let's add all of that and go through it real quick.”

"So," he began, arms crossed and brow furrowed as he thought. “Since yesterday we have been dealing with the three parts of Ever Crisis between our two groups. The Others, the Chimeras and the Machines. We also encounter the three branches of Midgar's defenses: Psych-OSF, DespoRHado, and Neuron. In order to stop the eternal crisis, we must find out what is causing it and why the people here cannot turn the tide.”

He held up a finger. "First the chimeras. It's simple: they come from the astral plane, another dimension full of all sorts of strange matter. The gates can open anywhere, and once they do, the red matter begins to corrupt everything in its path, as we've seen with these horrible aberrations. The main problem is the chimeras, because they spread a lot of red substance with their attacks and take the poor guys back to the astral plane, where they spin even faster. Neuron fights back with legions, chimeras that have somehow sided with him. The sigh. “There doesn't seem to be any concrete way to prevent the gates from opening. But maybe Neuron knows more.”

Goldlewis held up another finger. “Second, the machines. From their hidden factories, they raise vast armies in the Valley of Ruins and invade Midgar in a more conventional sense, relying on firepower and sheer numbers. We now know that they have some kind of virus that can turn our machines against us. But that doesn't make sense, because DespoRHado only uses cyborgs and androids to fight them. It makes you wonder: How the hell did they get any kind of immunity? Has anyone at DespoRHado cracked the code?

Finally he raised finger number three. "Lastly the others. Well, we've already talked about how they came out of the Doomsday Belt, but now we know that humans can transform into them too. Not only that, but it's Psych-OSF that does it, or at least a small part of it. I don't think most soldiers know, only those in the Scout Regiment who mentioned the rebels and whoever is in command. That would normally be the top people, but we've met the top people and he doesn't get any of that, which leaves people further up the chain. He frowned deeply. "Grand Chief Zanotto, the head of PubSec Konoe, and Shinra himself."

He stroked his beard. "I don't know about you, but I'm starting to see a pattern. All three "types" can turn humans or robots into monsters, or at least make them go insane. And all three "branches" seem to have something deeper to do with their respective "types" than just fighting them. It's almost as if everyone uses their enemies against themselves or against other people. Maybe I'm just talking nonsense, but... You must be wondering. Is the “source” mentioned by the organization located in the valley? Or…” He looked out the window of the hideout.

Goldlewis soon received another call. It wasn't long ago but he had a lot to discuss with Giovanna and when the two agreed they came up with a plan. When Goldlewis rejoined the others from the other half of the hideout, he appeared more animated than before. "Listen, friends. It's time to get going. In case you don't remember, sector 06 is the city of glass, the most restricted sector in the whole damn city. Home to giant companies like Memorize, CyberLife and Vandelay. And the Dendenmille Showcase Theater which not only hosts today's debate, but is also in the middle of the Vandelay campus. Giovanna said that Tora is very suspicious of CyberLife because of its technology and since we're on our way there anyway, we might as well use the extra time to take a closer look as possible. Goldlewis clutched his coffin and opened the door to the hiding place. "So let's go Mosey."

Midgar – Sektor 06 Hublink


The two halves of the black team set off at about the same time, Goldlewis and his team climbed from Seiran to Suoh and then up the same path they took from Sector 05 last night while Giovanna continued her steps back to Sector 07 made. Plate and towards the same target from the opposite direction. Although the drive took a couple of hours, it could have been a lot worse; Apparently maintenance and law enforcement had been moving at breakneck speed since last night, either repairing or rerouting much of the damage caused by the Chimera to keep up with traffic between the Midgar plates. Thanks to a call to SOU HQ, the team's technical advisor, Mr. H, was not only able to forge a new GridLink for Partitio to ensure its safe passage, but also upgraded Sakuras and Razs to ensure they are safe. their identities will reflect their new status as Psych-OSF soldiers. Without major problems at security checks, the two halves managed to ascend from the underground city to the Platte, and then travel from their respective Platte centers to Sector 06 via the Central Tunnel by bus. It only got difficult when they both arrived at Sector 06 Hublink.

The City of Glass didn't allow any outside traffic of any kind. It all ended at the Hublink, a gleaming, airport-like travel hub with polished white floors and sparkling glass domes. The semi-circular superstructure was located behind the parking garages and rental parking spaces for passenger cars and the pick-up and drop-off lanes for public transport.

Before worrying about anything else, the two halves of the team encountered something very important: each other. Goldlewis, Giovanna, Blazermate, Susie, Geralt, Zenkichi, Sakura, Karin, Pit, Roxas, Benedict, Partitio, Tora, and Raz gathered in the HubLink Atrium's wide open space, streaked with a myriad of colors spilling over the magnificent and imposing glass broke sculptures that stood around the immaculate tiles like museum pieces. Given the circumstances, the joy wasn't as great as one would expect from a large gathering, but it was nice to see everyone else, even if it highlighted the two who weren't there. Anticipating a better work environment, Tora wiped away tears and packed his gear in his tool kit. With no Drill Shield, Mech Arms, or Variable Saber attached to its body, the Nopon looked almost naked. Only his hammer remained; Although he cared about them, both SOU members knew that the team's best tank wasn't made for the fight.

That led straight to the point at hand. On the other side of the hub's atrium was a huge security checkpoint. There was an odd, almost unnecessary abundance of Cyberlife robots everywhere, and neither were the popular humanoid service androids everywhere in Midgar.SBR,GNR, andAIRE-1NUnits were the most common, but there were also a number ofES-101and strongBA-B00s. Towering over them all was an impressively well-armed duo: the power couple ofHG-0MjHG-0G. This was a problem for one simple reason: previously the team's fake GridLinks had worked great, but here the problem was abandoned.

"We got enough press passes to let six of us through," Goldlewis said, out of earshot of security forces. "But then there's eight of us left, and the GridLinks we have won't work with that real security. So we have to be smart. Without causing a fuss and getting us in trouble, you know?

House of Tears - Terminal Cafe

Level 10 Nadia (201/100)
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Like all of Nadia's spontaneous wild ideas, or at least most of them, her plan to get the attention of the Koopa squad worked out perfectly. Oh, and Sectonia was here too! With the large insect in tow, the curious four made their way to the terminal and were soon queuing at the main counter to place their drink orders. It wasn't just coffee and snacks on offer, however, and Junior's curiosity led him to detour and enlist the help of one of the cafe's needy patrons. Meanwhile, Rika couldn't help but enjoy the unique and cozy atmosphere of the last stop of her journey of wonders, and she grew stronger since her farewell to the Netherfleet opened her eyes to the world beyond the waves.

Needed some contraction between the two and Bowser, it would take a few moments for the newcomers to join Nadia and Primrose at the table, but she didn't care. With its cozy atmosphere, relaxed vibe and plenty of good social opportunities, this place invited all of its customers to take their time. Nobody could stay in the terminal forever, but it was a nice place for people to stay as long as they could. In fact, many of the people here seemed unwilling to move on, holding on to every second, wishing that "now" could last forever. Nadia nibbled on her last pastry and thought about what Primrose had said earlier.Aren't we like that now? Everyone changes...It wasn't just comforting; that was true. None of the changes she had gone through felt anywhere near as drastic as the ones that happened to her that fateful night. And yet, deep down, even after all this, she was still the same Nadia. Hopefully nothing in this world can change that. She compulsively tried to push back the hair that was now falling over her left eye, but it stubbornly slipped back into place.

Very soon, the Koopas arrived, starting with Rika, and the girl did not hesitate to tell the team about all her misadventures in Crumble Caverns. When she heard her describe an entire underground biome made out of cheese, Nadia was speechless for a moment. "You are my cat. That's crazy! At some point I have to take a look. A beaming smile spread across his face. "But be careful, once you do that it's forever cheese pun season. You Cheddar-Bree, believe it!

Rika's comments about the jobs also received a nod of approval. "Yes, exactly! Why bother winning something for yourself when you can steal from someone else?” The lack of sarcasm in her voice made it all the more difficult to tell if Nadia was joking.

The conversation turned to the journey ahead and what the new information each now possessed meant to them. Nadia had no particular interest in thinking about the whole subject of "light of life" and its connection to flame clocks, as it didn't seem relevant to the Seekers' campaign up until now, but the way the others were describing it reminded her of something about you. not so nice in the sanatorium. "That watch thing almost sounds like those weird bags they had at the hospital," he mused. "When you're connected to one, it pumps all your blood and the things you need to live, but the pouch needs someone else's blood to fill it. Once they take it off, you're fine on your own.” She shrugged and tucked the last of her bun into the extensions, then spoke with her mouth full. "Of course my blood just refilled, but what do I know." He washed down the crumbs with a sip of coffee, wondering what the consequences of the disappearance, which Sectonia attributed to P., were. Dying without leaving a ghost behind sounded a little scary.Like a final death.

As the conversation continued, Rika suggested going deeper into the Crumble Cavern. Nadia liked that very much; Both brain cells were already working overtime on cheese puns. However, Kamek suggested staying the night. "Hm? Do you want to wrap up for today?” Nadia looked confused and reached out a hand to scratch her back. "I mean, I'd like to sell your stuff and everything, but it's not even time for dinner. is young!”CanDo people keep quiet for so long? The hairs that touched her cheek tickled a little but fell back when she tried to blow on them. "I certainly can't," he continued. "Just call me Owl because I'm always up at night!"

He found himself looking at the map while the others talked about selling things, and after studying a bit more his eyebrows suddenly rose. "Oh hello! Sectonia, you said you were looking for a king or something, right? Well look! He touched a dot in the corner of the House of Tears map: King's Station. "It's your lucky day! Why not just go there? Unfortunately, this time it really seemed like he wasn't kidding.

Eventually Therion arrived, and his natural camouflage helped him meddle until he grabbed some baked goods and started making suggestions. He mentioned a previous train ride he had taken with Jesse and Raz and the location where he had dumped them in the underlands that seemed close on the map. The way to get there sounded as reasonable as any other proposal so far. Nadia just wanted to get away from the house of tears before the rain spoiled her reception. "It would be nice to go somewhere dry," he joked.

Her ears rolled at the sound of well-shod footsteps and Nadia turned to Ichiban a moment before he asked his first question, leaving her slightly confused. They drank coffee, read maps and talked, what else? However, it quickly became clear that his question had a broader scope. She moved her chair to make room for him at the table and considered his words. To be honest, she was more inclined to dismiss it as the typical disorientation that follows someone's "awakening," and his use of unfamiliar slang didn't help her. "I don't know what some of the things you mentioned are," he admitted. "It's sure to be confusing though. When you consider how many worlds are involved in this mess, coincidences happen sometimes, don't they? He shrugged and leaned back in his chair. "Damn, when I first saw Limsa I sure thought it was Little Innsmouth. That's where I come from," she added proudly. As for Primrose's question, she's done a lotNOI want to explain things to Ichiban. Someone else could do it, probably Kamek.Old people love to explain thingsshe argued.

Rubick appeared, followed shortly by an unknown gentleman whom the wizard had apparently met. "Hello you!" Nadia greeted him. This table wasn't big enough for everyone and the group was starting to draw attention.

Well, until now, the ten members of the party hadn't agreed or lined up at anyone's urging, leaving the team at an impasse. In addition, several team members remained in the dark even when making a decision. Jesse, Ganondorf and Omori weren't here and Nadia had no idea where the boy could be. Nobody knew whether he left the others on purpose or simply got lost. "Since we fell here, we've been drifting apart non-stop," she thought aloud. "I mean, did anyone see where this 'adventurer' went? First of all, it's a miracle we all made it into town.” After looking down at her nearly empty cup, she sighed and finished the rest of her coffee. Then the savage rose. "Well, if you plan to stay here and sell loot and all, I'll stretch your legs." He stretched out one arm and then the other and smiled at Sectonia. "I'll check out King's Station and see if I can find someone to run this place for you. If I do that, it will be a "crowning" achievement, right? Nyahaha~” With that, he folded his card, pulled up his hood to protect himself from the rain, and turned to leave, waving goodbye. If someone wanted to come with her, I'm sure she wouldn't mind. "Smell it later!"

Luckily, King's Station was right next to the downtown "Home of Tears" neighborhood on the map, so the journey didn't take long, especially by water. After reaching the water's edge, Nadia launched herself into the air and commanded one of the city's many huge, autopiloted paper sailboats on its winding journey from Fountain Central to the station's wharf and back. Back on the mainland, Nadia didn't hesitate to step inside, although the first impression she had of the place was a bit disappointing.

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Contrary to its name and perceived prestige, King's Station appeared fairly deserted. Tattered banners hung in tatters over a rubble-strewn floor, sections torn open to reveal the earth beneath. A once plain wrought iron bench was split in half and the lower parts of the station were filled with water. Overlooking the next flooded path, a bronze bell rested at the base of the post it had once hung from. Nadia bent down to pick it up, hoping to put it back, but found it was cracked and useless, so she threw it away just as quickly. "What a dump," he murmured. "There's no way kings can stay in a place like this."

Unless they waited further inside. Something about the place told Nadia there was more to it than meets the eye. He got up and jumped onto the flooded track, deeper into the dilapidated station. Around him hung tablets of mysterious white runes, and the echoes of dripping water echoed through the pitch-black tunnels. Without his experience in Soul Sanctum he would have found this place pretty spooky. After a minute or two of exploring, he ended up at a dead end in a fairly large room full of crabs of all kinds.mud crab,king crab, even onemagic crab. At one point, Nadia is almost bitten by a statue, which turns out to be a statueFalling. Across a final canal was a large, important-looking entrance, marked 'B' on a sign nearby, and the entrance was closed off by interlocking metal grilles. Even if she separated all of her parts, Nadia didn't think she could move her torso underneath or between them.

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However, she was less fascinated than her surroundings. Unlike the other flooded canals that ran through this location, this canal appeared to be flooded on purpose. Not only did it have a standing water wheel with a dry canal over it, but it flowed to the right side of the room at a considerably high speed, where it then flowed into what appeared to be a pitch-black abyss. There, a sign read, "Danger - Abyss," earning him the ridicule of Nadia. "There's no such thing as bottomless," he growled. It certainly wasn't the bottomless sea, with all the rocks and even an island he'd seen rising out of it. Upon closer inspection, the flow of water appeared to be blocked. Frowning, Nadia scratched her chin. "That looks like a riddle," she mused, wagging her tail restlessly. There had to be something good here to survive all these difficulties.Perhaps a king's ransom?Attracted by the prospect of riches, she set out to solve the mystery.

∞ activity

In the opinion of almost everyone, it was an incredibly beautiful day. The sun smiled down on the field, its brilliant rays of light bathing it in a comfortable warmth perfect for falling asleep, but a refreshing breeze swept through the green branches and blew across the grassy plains. As storm clouds rolled north and cast the regions west of the Sandswept Sky border mountains in a heavy rain shadow, the skies over Land of Adventure couldn't be bluer. But the land below wasn't the same as yesterday. Gone are the lush fields of gold that surrounded Morgensloft Farm, the Pelagics Lake that floated the Watertop Land of Fantastication, the Forest Temple with its perplexing puzzles, the beautiful but alien Coral Highland, and the tainted pastures of Ancestral Farmhead. Hamlet with his friendly pig population never stood a chance. Even Lumbridge, without the world anchor that had sustained her for so long, no longer existed. Only Haven remained, its own world anchors untouched by its ruler. Otherwise the past, the land itself, had been erased.

And yet that was only the beginning of the loss he had experienced today.

For the survivors of Alcamoth, not even a stunningly beautiful day could lift their spirits. Only the fact that some survived gave them comfort; Yet the guilt that haunted them, like vengeful spirits left behind by the dead, hurt some of them more than death. Still, the fact that they were alive gave them a responsibility. If the Consuls believed that all of Alcamoth's inhabitants had been destroyed with her, they were invisible to their enemies. Though Smash City's desperate struggle had ended in catastrophic defeat, their sacrifice bought the survivors some time. Hopefully enough time for a fresh start. In a week before Adventure Land recovered, they had to re-establish themselves in this new and different land.

And how different it was. Rivers cut through the landscape like an artist's brushstrokes, dividing into pieces only a few remotely reminiscent of the lush green landscape of yesteryear. Much of the region seemed to be woven of wool, thread, and canvas, including the foliage and many of its inhabitants. On his westward journey fromwood-speckled buttonsOn the central island where the teleporter had dropped them, the survivors stepped upon a rich two-dimensional tapestry of life woven into the ground. Its two-dimensional denizens went about their business with one another as if oblivious to the survivors "above" them, wandering in a dimension beyond their comprehension. However, it was so easy to break through and change their fabric of reality that some of the travelers did so by mistake. Quickly and carefully they set out and traveled southwestTaft Tropics,felt fields,Textiltechnik, andTweed Treats. Over time, however, the fabric landscape gave way to rough earth, grass, wood and stones. There the journey finally ended in a city in the midst of the mountains: Markarth, the city of stone.

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Upon arrival, the survivors scattered throughout the city in search of food, shelter, or just a place to rest. Despite his weariness and misery, Vandham urged everyone to be on their guard. Markarth might be a long way from Alcamoth's resting place, but at the end of the day it was still the Consuls' domain. Then he didn't follow the others into the village, but sat in the shade of a leafy tree on a clifftop vantage point, next to the man who had saved his life.

"I'm really grateful, you know," he began after a few moments in his trademark Aussie accent. "At first I thought you stole from me. About my chance to make a difference. I was willing to sacrifice myself because I thought that if I could just save a life by giving my own, it would be worth it. It would have been so much easier than dealing with the pain and picking up the pieces heh, especially knowing how cruel this world of light really is. But I thought about it a lot on the way here. The seekers are still fighting. As long as there's a chance we can work things out, I'll keep fighting and I won't throw my life away just to be there as 'Ero'.” He held out his fist at his savior. "So. Thank you my friend."

After a moment, the other man banged his fist, but his face was anything but happy. "I hardly deserve your thanks," he said, his Indian accent thick with sorrow. "It was my insanity that contributed to this tragedy in the first place. My regrets, my sins... weigh on my soul, heavy as old mountains, more numerous than autumn leaves. I've turned a blind eye to depravity and injustice for so long. How much have I fallen since those glorious old days before I lived in the now.”

Vandham put a reassuring hand on the shoulder of the man's maroon jacket. "I can't say I understand your situation," he told her, "and I won't be prying. But I know we all make mistakes. As long as your country is in the right place, you can work to get it right. I really hope you do too, because we could really use some more of this ridiculous "food" in the future."

The healer gave him a crooked smile. "A brave feeling, Vandham. One worthy of a hero and a mentor. I can understand why you meant so much to him. He adjusted his gray tie and stood up.

"Him? You mean Rex?” Vandham raised an eyebrow. "Hey, where are you going? You're not going, are you?"

"Hmm? Oh no." The healer shook his head. "I just thought I could get to know this place. We have a lot of work to do and time isn't on our side."

Vandham went to check on the others, and the Healer descended to the lower levels of Markarth and observed as much as he could. Like all places in the world of light, this city existed as a fused hodgepodge of forms and ideas from different worlds. His unifying theme seemed to be medieval fantasy, which he really liked. There were humans, beastmen, dwarves, and even elves, so the man with his own long ears fitted the bill. She passed a series of vendors selling a variety of unusual produce, from vegetables like cabbage, razzle basil, and juicy steak to fruits like heart peach, spicy banana, and dance apple. If it were a better day, the sight of cube-shaped strawberries and upside-down grapes, not to mention fluffy pinkNoSell ​​them - might have made him smile, but he soon moved on. Fresh meat from a local hunting party could be found at the surly butcher's stallHogni's red arm, andBlurberry-RiegelHe passed out all sorts of gnome grog, but the healer walked past him. The ornate, almost ceremonial cityWroughtNestled in a mountain where he could harness both hot, molten lava and meltwater, it caught his attention for a moment, and he didn't bother to look at the tailor: he knew he'd never replace his purple suit. He only lingered in the "Petpet Shop" where a selection of painfully cute little creatures caught his eye. As a result, he missed his Opo Opo. But soon he found himself on the river bank.

He stood there for a while, just breathing in the cool highland air while trying to clear his head, until an enticing smell hit his nostrils. A touch of homesickness hit him in the face like a landslide and appropriately almost sent him falling over the riverbank. He managed to recover in time, however, and after a moment he cautiously felt the breeze. "No... certainly not..." But after a second look it was no longer mistaking. The healer ran along the river bank, past the confused and frightened citizens of Markarth. Just moments later, he arrived with his mouth open as he caught sight of an eerily familiar sight. It was an open-air restaurant on a raised wooden platform beside the crystal clear pool where the two rivers of Markarth met before pouring out of the lock below the city walls. Above it was a very high trellis on which patterned rugs were stretched, as well as planters and hanging brass lanterns. With square tables and stools among all the hanging plants and the like, it gave off a more naturalistic, open-air feel, perhaps befitting a garden meal at a nobleman's mansion. The healer ran a gloved hand through his slicked-back dark brown hair, breathing slowly despite his fast heartbeat. "Even if it were," he argued, "it certainly cannot be the same..."

However, there is nothing wrong with trying. He sat at an empty table in the corner and read the menu. She was unfamiliar with some of the dishes on offer, but quickly focused on one particular dish and knew at that moment that she couldn't accept any alternatives. When the waitress arrived, she found the dapper looking gentleman practically tripping over his own tongue trying to place his order, apparently out of excitement, although he quickly calmed down when he paused to recall the circumstances that brought him here. Still... even if this happened by accident, it felt like fate. It didn't take long to prepare his first order, and after a moment the waitress placed his plate in front of him. The Healer stared at him for a few moments, only moving to wipe his glasses as they began to fog up. There they were, in all their angular, purple, glittering glory:crystal grapes. She carefully removed her black gloves, lifted the hedron to her lips and bit into it. Sweet. Juicy. Cake. Like grapes but crystalline. Just as good as I remembered them. "Ohh," she sighed, brows raised over her closed eyes. "How I've missed you, you stupid grape." He took another large bite, savoring every bite, flavor and texture equally. "Truly, absence makes the heart grow..."

When she opened her eyes, she froze like a statue. He had also noticed a woman at the table who had just sat down. She had short white hair with pointed cat ears, blue eyes, tanned skin, and red streaks down her cheeks. His clothing was modest for his world, if still complex by conventional standards of white jacket and blue pants. He even had that stupid twig tied around his waist.No, not again.Contrary to the man's utter shock, this woman seemed amused at his reaction and raised an eyebrow, smiling. After a moment, the healer realized that the grapes had accidentally fallen into his lap.

"Damn it," he muttered, hastily putting the food on his plate before wiping his pants with a napkin. When he looked up again, he was surprised again, because the woman he had seen before was now sitting right in front of him. "Oh! Oh god. Um, I'm sorry ma'am.

"Are you alright?" she asked, her beautiful English voice playful. "You looked at me like you saw a ghost. Or maybe it's love at first sight?

As he swallowed, the healer instinctively worried about his obviously uncomfortable soul stain. His dark eyes were, "Forgive me. It's just that you remind me of someone I used to know.

"Ah, a classic," the catgirl smiled, but cocked her head after a moment. She narrowed her eyes slightly and rested her head on her hand. "But you know... something about you seems strangely familiar to me. Are you sure we've never met, sir...?

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A tense second passed. Although it hurt a lot, the healer shook his head. "I… I don't think so, ma'am. Although I hate to admit it! He laughed nervously.

"Again with the 'lady'. What am I, an old woman? scolded the young woman jokingly. "There's something about you…but I don't think so. I'm pretty good with faces, so I daresay I would remember.

The man smiled crookedly. "One would hope." He bowed his head apologetically. "Again, sorry for the interruption. Please enjoy your meal.”

"I will," said his acquaintance, getting up to leave. "Surely there's nowhere else I can go here with the Twelve." HeKitten dressed in whiteHe continued on his way and, so as not to bother the man any further, walked past his original table to one further away.

Meanwhile the Lord sat back in his chair. A waitress came by, asked if everything was ok, and after reassuring her, placed a new order. A cheeseburger, please. When she was gone, he took off his glasses, put them down and rubbed his eyes with his palms. "What endless agony," he groaned after a few moments.

"What is it?"

Startled for the third time, the man opened his eyes and saw another familiar face. Dirty blonde pigtails, slicked back bangs camouflaged over a black jumpsuit. "Ah, Shania," he murmured, putting his glasses back on. "It's not a big deal."

"Of course it is. Who was that?" When the knight didn't answer, he didyoung womanhe snorted and walked around the table.

"Just...someone I knew," he told her, his expression completely sullen. Shania raised an eyebrow as she sat down across from him and he waved his arms dismissively. "It's a long story."

Shania crossed her arms, her facial expression was a little annoyed. "Try me."

The healer took a deep, slow breath. This has never worked, but why not? "Well," she began, putting her hands on the table. "I awoke for the first time in this world of darkness to find myself imprisoned in a strange and ethereal prison. After a while, however, I was released to wander unanchored and alone in this strange new world.

"I just had one thought in my head," he continued. "To reunite with my companions, with whom I have shared many adventures, faced countless trials, and even saved the world. With them by my side, I knew I could do anything. And yet, when I finally found one, I experienced a terrible horror. His eyes narrowed as if in pain. "He didn't remember me. Not the closest I've found by accident, not the closest, none of that. No friends, not even casual acquaintances I've found. They remembered a face, a name, a story, but they weren't mine. It was as if he had never existed. His muscles flabby, he looked up at the sky. "I wandered the earth like a ghost, alone and desperate. He tried in vain to rediscover and restore everything he had lost. Everything I had ever known, loved, or achieved, all those precious memories, even my own name... dust in the wind. I've tried again and again, but all to no avail. Nothing could fill the gap. Until the last time I lived in mortal fear, a broken man fighting for every second. I pray longer.” A hollow, rattling laugh escaped her lips as her voice dropped to a whisper. "...If only I had known."

Shania stared at him, her face a mixture of surprise and confusion. "I didn't expect you to reveal anything. I guess everyone has a sad story, right? Also really cryptic. I can't help you, but I hope that getting rid of this will make you feel better. She crossed her arms. "Now that I've heard you, you might want to return the favor, right? You owe me, after all.

"…Hmm what do you mean?"

"Look, idiot," she said suddenly, her lip curling. "I risked my brilliant life to get all these people out. We walk all day and my feet are one cetri away from falling off. When will you fulfill your end of the bargain?

The healer sighed again, annoyed by the girl's lack of seriousness. "I'm afraid I can't keep my promise."

Shania blinked twice in confusion. "YouThe? Ugh, I knew that, you boastful traitor! You promised...!

"Do you really think you deserve it after this bloodbath-" he cut in, but was cut off himself.

"KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!" Without warning, Shania screamed as she stood up, drawing looks from across the restaurant. He glared around, as if daring someone to speak before turning his anger back on the healer. "Do you think I care? Whatever happens,OfMake me do it!OfHe came to me after those sparkling seekers destroyed me and then told me that the only way out was to help you.AreThe one who brought those consuls upon us! Don't blame me just because you're sorry!

The knight looked at her impassively, his sorrow replaced by stoicism. “I made a crucial misjudgment. The shame of this truth weighs heavily on me. Yet you lack even that, and you still evade your complicity. You knew from the start that you were going to sell them all, but that didn't matter as long as you got what you wanted.

"We had a deal and I did my part!" Shania gritted her teeth, apparently close to tears. "The spark you even know about me?"

His acquaintance frowned. “This world is full of records. The Spirit Board was just one source. I know you hate yourself But that you also dread the idea of ​​a permanent, useless, and meaningless death. He looked Shania straight in the eyes. "That you would do anything if it gave you another chance at life. Am I wrong?” Then he leaned back in his chair. “It was a gamble, but you've done it before. So I thought you would do it again. That's the extent of it."

This left the girl speechless for a few moments, but then her fire flared up again. "That is trash!" she spat "How can you know?" You betrayed me! I... I don't-!

"Do you believe in fate?" the man suddenly asked.

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When Shania said nothing, she took a deep breath and continued. “Each of us has a path ahead of us. Or... maybe it's better compared to a river. It is not a path that we choose to walk, but a stream that carries us. We may think we have agency, but we don't. Any choice, predetermined. Each result, ordered. Like it or not, believe it or not, we are all at the mercy of the current.”

He looked around at the other customers in the restaurant and went back to his own business. All his eyes shone with the blood-red glow of the light of life. “Some more than others, I suppose. Most are like sheep, with thick wool covering their eyes. However, there are those who can fight against the currents: the broken ones. Like you. Alcamoth's. And... hopefully me. He exhaled and lowered his head. "I really feel sorry for you, Shania. How blissful would be ignorance. But I don't have that luxury. I have no other life to live. I need to reach my goals - or get as close as possible - with this one. Before I get what's mine

Shania took a deep breath. Though it wasn't erased, his anger had subsided. "So what? You thought you'd involve me in this? that we are the same? 'We're not that different, you and I', is that your game?

"Perhaps a stupid thought..." The knight made a face and his gaze fell on the half-eaten grapes. “But… shouldn't we choose life? We can do better.Bebetter. Instead of turning away and saying, "next time," "next time," we shouldn't be looking for the future we want by startingHallo? With these lives? His expression was pleading. "Only those who start today have a tomorrow."

A quiet moment passed. Then Shania answered through gritted teeth. "There is no 'we'. There is no "our". "You're just projecting," she snapped. "All I ever wanted was another chance. You can fill out your "documents", I haven't done anything until thenOfI use myself.” She lifted her nose and crossed her arms. "The life I have is not enough. Do you want to kill me now or what?"

The man raised his hand to his head. "Shania… I'm sorry. If only you could remember My dilemma can be summed up as follows: I hate taking the life of an innocent person, and if you're guilty, you have to earn that release. I know you deserve better than this cruel reality. We all do. Even if the light hurts us, we can't wallow in comfortable darkness forever. Not if that light can yet illuminate a future, a future that is in our hands.

Groaning, Shania dropped into her chair and then rested her head on her crossed arms on the table. "For the love of Spark," she croaked. "I just can't have anything, right? I just can't. Why is it always me? Tears started to form in her eyes. be here alone? Suddenly he sat up in his chair, his face contorted with anger, if not helpless rage. "I've had it before," he growled. "I did it-!"

"Well, damn it," a venomous, sardonic drawl interrupted her. A man dressed in black with pointy ears walked in, his outfit speckled with pale gold and neon green, and sat down on one of the stools at the table with the two survivors. His green-scaled tail rolled behind him; Both its jeweled horns and the tips of its wings shone like emeralds. "To think you'd be cruel enough to keep the poor girl awake against her will! Surely you didn't think that one of these insects could do something with you? It is even sadder than cruel; I would laugh if it wasn't so pathetic. His expression of utter condescension quickly turned into one of delight. "Oh damn, I'll still laugh. Bahahahahaha!”

In an instant the atmosphere had changed. Shania got goose bumps looking at the newcomer with a frown on her face while hiding her hands under the table. The Lord has now arranged thatNeulingwith a spooky look. "...M," he hissed after a moment. "I have to admit, I'd rather not see you again for a long time." He pushed up his glasses, then rested an arm on the table and frowned authoritatively. "Is that really your real face? I have to say it's a very fitting face. Just like I imagined it. He stroked his chin and thought. "A hopeless, selfish, and vulgar idiot."

"Ooh, aren't we up today? This isn't like you, can I feel a crack in your freezing facade? Hehehe…” M laughed unpleasantly. "I do like this look though. When I saw you get dressed I thought I might as well join in. And you don't look particularly fancy in that fancy purple outfit! Serious. "Though I think red suits you better, S."

Shania, tears drying quickly, turned her wary gaze on the man of many promises. S wasn't put off by the name and just snorted. "So you don't really know me, M. Why are you here?"

M's smile turned to a blank look as if S was ruining her mood. "You know, you really confuse me, S. All this time I've seen you trying to get close to these... things. You know they're not people, right? You are our food. Our toy. It doesn't matter if a thousand, ten thousand or ten million die. You choose your favorites, but you don't really care about them. And now you've gone and basically killed a lot of them. After all this, how can you keep pretending? Is this whole fantasy really working for you? I just don't get it.” He shrugged and shook his head. "Why be so nice? None of that matters. This world is a cage for the strong. An overwhelmingly boring prison. All these toys are there for one purpose only.” thing: our entertainment.MiEntertainment. Perhaps these weak bonds and heroic fantasies are the reasonOfalleviate the boredom of existence. But I don't.” your face. ..."

As he raised his hand, a vortex of wind energy began to form. Then he lunged at Shania, a miniature storm raging in his palm. "While I clean up your mess!"

The air turned into a whirl of whipping and slicing blades of wind. They cut and smashed everything in their path, from the restaurant's wooden furniture to the building itself. Its patrons screamed in terror, and as they were thrown from their seats, jets of blood flowed from fatal cuts. For a moment there was chaos, but as suddenly as it had come the storm abated. The last stand had been reduced to firewood and innocent bystanders lay on the ground, moaning and bleeding. This included the cat-eared wizard from earlier and the waitress, who walked up to the table with a huge cheeseburger that was now split in half on the floor.

But when the dust cleared, Shania was still on her feet. Holding a high-tech revolver, she looked just as shocked as M. A cubic barrier of brilliant blue light shimmered in angular shapes around her, and a pink glow swept across the ethereal surface. After a moment it disappeared and the four strangersBlade instrumentsprotruding from its upper corners floated toward its owner. He looked at Shania, then at the remains of Last Stand and finally at the burger.They areHamburger. His eyelid twitched and he took a deep breath as if coming to the surface after a long time.

"I think congratulations are in order," S declared in a loud and clear voice. He raised his hand, his catalysts pointed upward as they began to spin around him, and a fountain of blue-green rays of light bloomed upward. I prefer to be proud of being a balanced man. It takes a lot to get under my skin. Light flooded every single person in the area, instantly healing them completely. "I've long suspected your goal is to torment me like this," he confessed, while the catalysts lay in a neat diagonal stack on his back. "Without a mountain to climb beyond the 'pinnacle of power,' one cannot help but wonder. If another Mobius could give you the high you've been craving. Well done. You made a decision for me. He clenched his fist and held it over his heart. "I'm done waiting. Today is the day. Although I'm buried deep in the sands of time, I can still get to the surface. Would you like to know my true nature? So get ready I'll make it clear. Its catalysts blew up and their blades aimed at their foe. "METER!"

M's smile had only gotten wider. "Hehehehe. Finally," he chuckled. "I'll have fun with that. Break your bones, shatter your hope and cut your stupid bonds. When I'm done with you, it's going to take all of this city's flame clock to heal you, hehehehe-!"

He suddenly growled as a bullet hit him in the forehead and threw his head to the side. In the next second he looked back, the wound was little more than a scratch and only a trickle of blood dripped down, and saw Shania next to S. But that wasn't all. Drawn by the chaos, a huge figure leapt from a higher catwalk and fell beside them, scythes and sword drawnthreatening bird of preyOn his back. "Hey!" Vandham growled and snapped into a fighting stance. He shook his head but kept his eyes on M. "It never ends, does it?"

"...Maybe still," S replied, suppressing his surprise. "I will need your power to end this... the reign of terror of this fallen dragon." She took a stance, too, and her catalysts danced around her. But you shouldn't be afraid. My name may be dust in the wind, but I am a sage, and as long as I stand no ally of mine shall ever die."

Shania laughed wryly and pointed the revolver in both hands at him. We'd better not make a spark, or I'll wring your long neck myself.

"A sage, huh?" Suddenly, a rock hit M in the chest, causing the wizard who threw it to roll his eyes in annoyance as he ran toward the group, branch in hand. "Room for another?"

S smiled for the first time in a long time. "Now it's a party."

M flapped his wings and took off in the air, hands in pockets, tail flapping behind him. "Send as many weaklings as you want," he told them with a mad grin. "Do you think having friends makes you strong? I've had mountains of bodies behind me, rivers of blood fed by entire kingdoms, and I don't fucking mind adding a few more to the pile! He stretched out his hands and the air began to hum with power. "Show me a good time...S!"


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