How much do dental implants cost in Luxembourg? (2023)

Implants are expensive in Luxembourg!Or maybe not??

How many times have you heard people say things like, "Dental implants are very expensive in Luxembourg!" Ö "I prefer making them abroad because they are cheaper.» or "Dental treatment in Luxembourg costs a fortune!"

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At the same time, the Internet is full of advertisements like: “Your implant, only 500 euros" Ö "your teeth in a day» Or the promotion of dental clinics abroad that promise you excellent results at very reasonable prices?

Of course, there are many good dental clinics abroad and this type of advertising can make you quickly decide on them, in some cases without even consulting a single offer in Luxembourg. Our advice?Find out first!!

But to make an informed decision, you need to ask the right questions and make sure you have all the information. And this article aims to help you make an informed decision.

The average cost of dental implants (implant + abutment + crown) is approximately:

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  • €800-1000 in countries like Türkiye, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia;
  • 1400 – 1600 € in countries like: Hungary, Portugal, Spain or Croatia;
  • Approximately €1,600 for France and Belgium;
  • Yab 1.600 € in Luxemburg.

*All prices above are for medium to high quality implant brands. And in all cases we are talking about AVERAGE prices, since in each country there are ups and downs depending on the pricing policy of the clinics.

Why are there such large price differences in some cases?

There are many reasons why the total cost of an implant can vary. Contrary to what one might think, the costs for the materials used (including the costs for the implant itself) hardly differ across Europe. Since most dental clinics offer good quality standards, they work with similar materials or brands of implants, so the cost of these materials does not make a huge difference in the final cost.What else is there?

A large part of this price difference is due to the operational costs involved in doing business in Luxembourg or another Western European country. The costs for the office or rent are significantly lower in an Eastern European country than in Western Europe. The same applies to the other costs incurred, such as e.g. B. salaries for dental assistants, fees for dental technicians, fees for dentists, additional costs, different VAT or different tax levels. All these elements make the difference (if any) and can be reflected in the final price.

Only 500 € / implant! Is it a scam or is it legit?

How much do dental implants cost in Luxembourg? (1)

The Internet is full of advertisements offering very attractive prices. But are these prices real, or are you missing something? In this specific case (€500/implant), you are probably not seeing the whole picture: either you are not comparing similar services, or there are additional costs that are not mentioned. So be careful with half-truths.
Inform! Ask the right questions!

Here are some things that no one tells you, but that you should consider before deciding to have dental treatment abroad.
Find out in advance:

  • What is included in the price? There are cases where the ads only advertise the cost of the implant itself (abutment or crown not included) as a teaser strategy. In this case it can be 500€, but only for the implant itself. So better ask for the exact cost breakdown:
    • How much does the implant/abutment cost and how much will the crown/bridge cost?
    • It is only by adding these 3 components that you can begin to get a more realistic idea of ​​the costs;
  • Ask how much the preparatory treatments will cost:extractionsand any other necessary treatment: X-ray,bone grafts,Sinuslift, etc.
  • Ask if you will have a temporary crown/bridge fitted as a preparatory phase of your treatment and how much it will cost. In some cases, the temporary bridge can add several hundred dollars to the price of the separate implant.
  • Ask if the cost of pre-implant and post-implant consultations are included in the price.
  • Ask if there is an additional cost for cementing crown/bridges: Some clinics may charge for each crown/bridge element that needs to be cemented/cemented in final position.
  • Find out in how many phases your treatment will be carried out or how many visits will be necessary, how far apart the individual phases will be in time and how long the individual appointments will last. This is particularly important if you choose to have treatment abroad.
    It is true that there are cases that qualify for "dental implants in a day", but not all of them, and even these require pre- and post-implant consultations.
  • Are you asking what happens if the implants fall out?
    There are risks associated with this procedure, including the risk that the implant will not osseointegrate, the implant will then fail to hold and therefore fall out.
    Some clinics offer a free first replacement,while others charge you for repeating the procedure: cost of a new implant, additional consultations, etc. Find out in which case you are.
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These are just some of the aspects that you will want to know in advance, especially as they may involve additional costs that will affect the final cost of the procedure.

On the other hand, there are some, even if you start with relatively higher prices compared to other countriesUndeniable advantages of local tooth fixation.Here are some things to consider:

  • If you are insured in Luxembourg, you are most likely entitled to reimbursement of a significant part of the costs associated with the procedure, such as:
    • tooth extractions;
    • Other preparatory treatments before implant placement;
    • Consultations before and after implantation;
    • Part of the scans/x-rays before and after the implants;
    • part of the cost of crowns or bridges;
  • No travel and accommodation costs and no use of your vacation for the treatment.
  • And perhaps the most important point to consider is the proximity of the doctor. Complete smile rehabilitation is often a lengthy process and many things can happen during the process that require the doctor's intervention, even if it's just to reassure the patient that what's happening is normal. In addition, there may be other cases that require the intervention of a doctor in addition to the appointments provided for in the initial treatment plan, such as:
    • Take a closer look at the healing process after implant placement.
    • implant falling out;
    • column waste;
    • placement of your temporary crown/bridge;
    • Or other types of emergency situations that require a doctor's appointment.

What you should also keep in mind is that when you are in the middle of a smile rehabilitation process and unforeseen situations arise where your doctor is not around, not many doctors would be responsible for intervening in the middle of a treatment. that has already started.

But above all, it is perhaps the most important step to take before making a decisionreceivemore than one offer for your case.It may take time to get multiple quotes and opinions on your case, but it can also save you time and money later on.
Invest some time in the beginning to do thorough research, get more quotes, write down all your questions, get all the answers, and only then weigh all the options.

Keep Calm - Get Information - Get Quotes - Fix Teeth

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Would you like to find out more?

After a clinical examination, we will work with you to determine whether dental implants can be a good solution for you.



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