Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (2023)

Dental care is an essential part of maintaining good overall health. Finding a trustworthy dentist in Luxembourg is crucial, especially if you are moving to another country. Whether it's maintaining your health, the appearance of your teeth and smile, or preventing future dental problems, regular dental appointments and check-ups are an essential part of itHealthcare in the Grand Duchy.

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Access to dental care in Luxembourg

When looking for a suitable dentist in Luxembourg to suit your needs, keep in mind that all doctors must have a special license from the Ministry of Health in order to provide medical services. The CNS assigns a dentist code according to the legal provisions that require registration.

Consequently, all dentists are subject to the mandatory provisions of the agreements between the CNS and theAssociation of Doctors and Dentists.

Medical permits for medical practice.

Doctors and dentists receive an individual service provider code from the before starting their workNational Health Fund.

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All doctors in Luxembourg can only provide their services if they have received a healthcare provider code from the CNS!

The dentist must also submit a complete application package, which includes documents from the ministry and various references. Some documents can be sent via

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (3)

Documents must be submitted in PDF format as JPEG and HTML applications cannot be opened and will not be accepted.

Therefore, the documents must be presented before the CNS to be able toto obtain a special healthcare provider codeSohn:

  • A copy of a valid ID;
  • Ficha informativa para médicos/dentistas sobre su instalación en Luxemburgo (information sheet on establishing a doctor/dentist in Luxembourg);
  • Copy of the practice permit (declaration of performance from the Ministry of Health);
  • A bank identity statement (RIB).

If you want to practice medicine yourself in the Grand-Duchy, you can access some document templates and other useful information via the following links:

Health insurance for dental services.

Employees in Luxembourg must belong to the professional association according to their professionSNC,CMFEP,CMFEC, ÖEMCFL. Each employee pays 2.8% of their gross salary into the coffers as social security contributions, employers pay half of this amount. This means that the residents have access to state health and social insurance.

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More information on health insurance in the Grand Duchycan be found in a special article in our guide. It should be noted that self-employed people in Luxembourg are responsible for paying the full contribution themselves!

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (5)

In order to access state-insured dental care, your recruiter must submit documents when you start working in LuxembourgCCSS oder Mixed Social Security Center.

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (6)

You will then issue an entry form to confirm membership of the Luxembourg social security system, and you can then claim dental benefits at home and abroad.

The national dental health insurance in Luxembourg covers some of the standard treatments that one may need throughout their lifetime for dental care:

There are many specifics to dental insurance provided by the state, see for more informationon the CNS website in the dedicated section.

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (7)

All insured persons in Luxembourg receive a social security card, which has two pages and must be presented when visiting the dentist, buying medicines, etc.

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Several health insurance companies in Luxembourg cater for expatriates and offer coverage for dental treatment. Among the most popular are Worldwide Health,lobby,Care Allianz,Cigna-Welt.

Financial reimbursement for dental treatment.

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (8)

To receive insurance reimbursement if you prepay for dental work, you must submit all bills in the original payment format. The process is quite simple and allows for a full refund.

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (9)

Be sure to include your national identification number and bank card (if you haven't already requested a refund).

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (10)

A postage stamp is not required for sending documents to the CNS from Luxembourg. If you are shipping them from another country, it is the responsibility of the local healthcare provider to cover the shipping costs.

This system allows you to request and receive a refund.from 80% to 100%your treatment costs. It is important to confirm that your dentist in Luxembourg is authorized to provide government funded services and offers the specific treatments you need. It can therefore make sense to take out private health insurance to cover any additional costs.

In some cases, the insured only has to pay the part of the costs not covered by the health insurance that corresponds to his or her statutory co-payment. In January 2022 it was confirmed that the costs and reimbursements for dental treatment in Luxembourg are as follows:

regular reviewsProsthetics – crowns, dental implants or bridgesTreatments for fixed and/or removable brackets
Health insurance covers the first 68.15 euros of annual expenses80% refundThe health insurance covers the initial annual costs of 68.15 euros
For any remaining additional costs, 88% of the costs will be reimbursed.Anyone who can show they have had a dental check-up with a licensed dentist at least once a year for the past two years is eligible for a full refund.For any remaining additional costs, 88% of the costs will be reimbursed.

When you need to buy medicine

You can buy medicines in any pharmacy in the Grand Duchy. Make sure you collect the invoice for your refund.

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To collect your allocated medication kit, you must present the original prescription, although (with some exceptions) there is only one prescription per consultation or visit.

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Previously we discussed the specifics of the work ofPharmacies in the special guide article., read it to find the pharmacy closest to you and get an idea of ​​what to expect when visiting a pharmacy.

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The Ministry of Social Security has published a special communication that can serve as a guide to the world of health services in the Grand Duchy. It can be useful as it contains only two pages and all general information and contacts. You can download the memo from our website.

Download sample document

(.pdf, 365,71 kB)

How to find a professional dentist in Luxembourg

As long as the doctor in Luxembourg is accredited by the CNS, you are free to choose the doctor of your choice in Luxembourg.


Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (14)

If you are not accredited, you will not be reimbursed for the treatment price and no one can guarantee your safety and protection should anything go wrong.

There are various ways to find a doctor or, in our specific case, a dentist in Luxembourg.


You can start looking online for options on these websites that offer different categories of doctors.

  1. Doctena Luxembourg

    This is the main tool for finding the Grand Duchy and in Europe in general. It was first launched in Luxembourg but does not cover many EU countries. Contains detailed information about doctors in general and dentists in particular. Doctena can also help you find doctors who speak English. It has a great filtration system for every situation.

  2. Yellow Pages

    This is a great sitecovering the full range of services that can be provided by professionals in Luxembourg. In this directory you will find dentists, dental clinics in Luxembourg and medical practices.

  3. published

    This websiteIt also works like the Yellow Pages, providing contact information on the services and professionals available in the Grand-Duchy. When it comes to dental services, there are over 300 results to choose from.

  4. medical school

    An official medical organization.This is where medical professionals who are registered with the university come together. Enrollment in the Faculty of Medicine is a legal requirement for all these professions in Luxembourg, whether temporary or permanent.


  1. You can contact T.The Association of Doctors and Dentists of Luxembourg (AMMDL)who will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about the doctor's or dentist's office. They can also help you if you are looking for doctors who speak English.
  2. A good way to look for doctors is also to ask your acquaintances or colleagues. This way, you will automatically learn more about their practices and receive feedback on treatment outcomes. Among the many international medical professionals, you may even find those who speak your language.

When choosing a particular doctor or dentist, remember to check the reviews for more helpful information about what to expect. You can do this through websites and your network, or if you speak Russian you can tooJoin our Telegram chat with expatsasking for advice or comments about a doctor.

Here is a quick checklist you may need when choosing a dentist in Luxembourg:

  • Make sure that the doctor you choose is accredited by the CNS (Caisse Nationale de Santé);
  • Consider the doctor's availability and location, especially if you need frequent visits.
  • Look for reviews and recommendations from other patients;
  • Check the spoken language of the doctor and hire a translator if necessary;
  • If you have a specific medical condition or need specific treatment, use the appropriate filters to find a doctor who specializes in that area.

Dental visit in Luxembourg

Once you've chosen the doctor who best suits your needs, you can easily schedule an appointment.

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (15)

It is important to contact the doctor first: both doctors and dentists have their contact information on their websites or on aggregators.

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (16)

Therefore, you can usually contact them via a phone number or email, whichever method of communication you prefer.

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (17)

Quelle: Luxtoday

Some services allow you to make appointments online, e.gDoctena. You can create an account and always have your visit information at hand with the app available atGoogle PlayjAppstore.

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (18)

Please prepare your personal data and insurance number as well as the reason for your appointment. You may need to indicate whether it is a routine check-up, a specific dental problem, or a dental cleaning.

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Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (19)

After confirmation by the medical specialist, the last thing to do is to confirm the date, time and place of the agreed appointment.

Some documents you may want to take with you on your first visit are:

  1. If you have health insurance in Luxembourg, remember to bring your health card with you to the appointment;
  2. A valid photo ID (ID card);
  3. Don't forget to make a list of all the medications you are currently taking, including dosage, and bring it with you to your appointment.
  4. If you already have dental records such as X-rays or treatment plans, it is best to bring them with you to the appointment.

However, it is best to ask your dentist what to bring with you to your visit.

Dental services available in Luxembourg

Dental services in Luxembourg offer a wide range of procedures, from routine check-ups to complex oral surgeries. These are just some of the most common services offered by rural dentists and orthodontists in Luxembourg.

  1. Regular checks and ultrasonic cleaning.

    It is usually recommended to use it twice a year to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

  2. caries treatment

    If decayed tissue is found, the tooth is usually removed, drilled, and restored to prevent further decay.

  3. Treatment of the corneal canal

    If the dental pulp in the tooth becomes infected or inflamed, the pulp is removed and replaced with a dental filling.

  4. elimination

    If a tooth cannot be saved, it must be extracted.

  5. dental implants

    They are used to replace missing teeth with artificial dentures that look and function like natural teeth.

  6. orthodontic treatment

    Retainers and other aids are used to correct misaligned teeth.

  7. professionelles Bleaching

    The procedure whitens teeth that aren't naturally white enough or improves the appearance of discolored teeth.

In addition, the treatment is usually associated with additional interventions such as skull scans, impressions, etc. They are usually not included in the treatment price, so it is important to find out beforehand.

Standard dentist prices in Luxembourg for common dental treatments

The prices of dental services in Luxembourg can vary widely, depending on the actual procedure, the doctor treating you and whether you are insured or not.

dental serviceestimate
Routine inspection and cleaning.100 Euro
caries treatment50-150 Euro
root canal200-250 Euro
dental implant1500-3000 Euro
orthodontic treatment1500-5000€
teeth whitening300-500 Euro
Zahnextraktion50-150 Euro

The cost of dental services generally covers a range of procedures, including anesthesia and other related procedures. But not always.

It is best to find out more directly from your dentist or your health insurance company. They should be able to provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs and how to determine them.

You might also want to think about checking with theNational Health Fund (CNS), the national health insurance agency of Luxembourg. They are responsible for regulating and monitoring the prices of healthcare services, including dental services.

You can find out more about dental insurance on their website or you can contact them directly for more information: their phone number is (+352) 27 57 - 1. With their knowledge and experience, they can help you better manage the cost of dental treatment to understand. dental services and how to navigate the Luxembourg healthcare system.

Public and private dentists in Luxembourg

Public and private dentists in Luxembourg In Luxembourg you can choose between public and private dentists.

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public dentists

These specialists are the ones who are covered by the health insurance package provided to you. Residents also have the option of purchasing additional private insurance to cover costs and treatments not covered by state health insurance. Usually only a lump sum is added to the monthly payment that you have to pay.

In Luxembourg, dentists can work independently, but also work with the government to provide government-insured dental services. Therefore, most dentists in Luxembourg offer both public and private dental treatments.

private dentists

A significant number of Luxembourg residents, including expats, often opt for private health insurance to cover dental expenses not covered by government insurance. Some parts of the cost of regular treatments are not yet reimbursable. If you have complicated dental problems, you can prepare yourself for lengthy treatments by taking out private insurance.

If you have private health insurance and are planning to see a dentist in Luxembourg, it is a good idea to have your dentist's services confirmed, determine the associated costs and check whether your private health insurance will cover these costs.

dental emergencies

broken tooth? Severe toothache? Swelling, bleeding or infection of your teeth or gums? If you experience any of these symptoms, you likely need immediate dental attention.

If you suddenly have a toothache or a dental emergency, finding a qualified dentist in Luxembourg to take care of your problems can be of crucial importance. This can be facilitated with the help of user-friendly websites that we mention here.

What counts as an emergency when we talk about dental services:

  • tooth fracture;
  • Pain;
  • abscess and infection;
  • toothache;
  • padding lost;
  • broken prosthesis;
  • loss of a denture;
  • eruption of wisdom teeth;
  • Movable Teeth.


If you need urgent dental treatment in Luxembourg,DentalPoris an easy-to-use website that can help you quickly find a dental office near you. Unforeseen dental emergencies can cause significant discomfort. However, contacting an emergency dentist in Luxembourg can help you get the treatment you need to relieve your pain.

This website also offers patient reviews of dentists in Luxembourg, but more importantly, it can help you filter dentists by municipality. It is quite useful in emergencies.


With a wide range of clinics to choose from, you can easily find an Emergency Dentistry location that suits your specific needs. Whether you need to replace a broken tooth or have other dental complications, there are numerous Luxembourg dentists in your area who specialize in emergency dentistry and can provide you with the care you need.

CanFor dental emergencies, call an ambulance. If you need assistance during times when hospitals are closed, call 112. You will then be forwarded to the dental practice on duty.

Recognized and trusted dentists in Luxembourg

Below you will find some possible dental contacts for emergencies and standard dental visits in your area in Luxembourg.

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (20)

Most offices are open during normal business hours: 8am to 6pm.

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (21)

Be sure to make an appointment before visiting, even if you just want to ask a question.

You can make an appointment with Doctena or use the phone numbers listed in the table.

PhysicianADDRESSphone number
DR. Arnold Tanson48-52 Avenida Grande Duquesa Carlota L-3440 Düdelingen+352 26 52 15 30
DR. Myrjam Müller35 Op Der Heckmill, Gréwemaacher, Luxembourg+352 75 00 67
Dr. Marc Zigrand9 rubles. d'Ell, Redange, Luxembourg+352 23 62 05 32
Dr. Ball Rainer60 Ave. François Clement, Munneref, Luxembourg+352 26 67 25 00
Orthodontic practice Dr. Eric Biver and Dr. Sandra Chahine144 rte de Longwy, Pétange, Luxembourg+352 26 50 32 32
dr AS Athanasius baptism60 Ave. François Clement, Munneref, Luxembourg+352 27 68 71 32
Dr. A.S. Guillermo Fey22. Av. Marie-Adélaïde, Munneref, Luxembourg+352 23 67 61 51
DR. Shahrak Arash Zaker60 Ave. François Clement, Munneref, Luxembourg+352 27 68 71 31
Dr. André Butti7 rubles. du Deich, Ettelbrück, Luxembourg+352 81 88 22
DR. Carole Schanen-Frieden9 rubles. des Forges, Biissen, Luxembourg+352 85 83 45
Dr. A.S. A.S. ALS. Sonia Mayntz2 years in the Moselle, Gréewemaacher, Luxembourg+352 75 88 60
Armand Schock10 Schaffmill, Gréwemaacher, Luxembourg+352 75 05 28
Dr. Peter Herrig2 years in the Moselle, Gréewemaacher, Luxembourg+352 75 88 60

Additionally, in the event of a dental emergency, it is helpful to note that the dental services provided by theLuxembourg Hospital Center (CHL)in the city center opens on Saturday at 2 p.m. and closes at 6 p.m. on a Sunday. This can also be a possible solution to deal with the emergency, especially on weekends.

pediatric dentists

It is important to realize that children, like adults, often suffer from dental problems. Because of this, there are professionals who specialize in providing oral health services exclusively to this age group.

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (22)

Regular check-ups every 6 to 12 months are recommended for children as their mouths are still developing and it is important to recognize when something is wrong.

Dentist in Luxembourg: compare prices and find the best orthodontist for your needs (23)

What: Caroline Lm, Unsplash

Since children are usually very sensitive to dental visits, a positive first experience is essential to build a trusting and harmonious relationship between the child and the dentist and to prevent future fears or phobias of dental procedures.

All dental services for children in Luxembourg are covered by health insurance. A 100% reimbursement of all costs associated with the necessary treatment is guaranteed. Children do not need health insurance for themselves. They are automatically covered by their parents' health insurance.

This means that if you, as a parent, do not have statutory health insurance in Luxembourg, you must take out private insurance to cover your child's dental needs. Several private insurers offer affordable family packages that include routine checkups and child treatment costs.

regular reviewsProsthetics: crowns, dental implants or bridgesTreatments for orthopedic aids: fixed and/or removable
100% refund100% refund100% refund

When it comes to children's dental services, you should know that some terms can be very specific to this area. New parents (as well as other parents) can benefit from knowing the names of some of the procedures that are common in pediatric dentistry. Some types of pediatric treatments available and very common in Luxembourg are:

  • Fissure sealants: They protect children from cavities and prevent food debris from getting stuck in these areas and causing cavities to form.
  • pulpectomy: treatment of milk teeth;
  • Restoration: dealing with the filling of cavities;
  • Use of fluoride: to strengthen teeth;
  • Orthodontics: Treats abnormalities in bone or tooth development.

Where can you find a good children's dentist in Luxembourg?

Some specialists working in the field of pediatric dentistry with address, specialization and services (possibly emergency services) can be found in our table:

DR. Elisabetta Vazzana25c, bd Royal – Entrance Forum Royal C – 6th Floor, L-2449 Luxembourg-Centro VilleSpecialties: Aesthetic Dentistry - Dentist - Pediatric Dentistry Languages ​​spoken: English, French, German, Italian, Luxembourgish
Vermissen Roxana Matracaru7A rue de Bonnevoie, L-1260 LuxembourgSpecialties: Dentist – orthodontist – pediatric dentistry. Spoken languages: English, French, Romanian. Our focus is on ensuring stability, functionality and an attractive appearance.
Dr. A.S. Anna Caroline Branch-Probleme7A rue de Bonnevoie, L-1260 LuxembourgSpecialties: dentist - oral hygienist - pediatric dentistry. Spoken languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Dra. Sara Gregor2-2a Rue Joseph-Leydenbach, L-1947 Luxemburgo-KirchbergSpecialties: Dentist - Pediatric Dentistry Languages ​​spoken: English, French, German Curriculum for Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry, completed various advanced training courses on nitrous oxide sedation
Dr. Mercedes Rios Roden41 Route De Longwy, 8080 BertrangeSpecialties: Dentist – pediatric dentistry. Spoken languages: English, French, Spanish. Deals exclusively with the care of children, from very young to the end of puberty.
DR. Joenice Chasme41 Route De Longwy, 8080 BertrangeSpecialties: Dentist - Pediatric Dentistry Languages ​​Spoken: English, French Focus on building trusting relationships with children helps them view appointments positively. First the consultation to get to know the patient.
DR. Camille Ducrocq211, Rue Des Romains, 8041 BertrangeSpecialties Dentist – Pediatric Dentistry Languages ​​spoken: English, French
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Another emergency contact for adults and children (which is particularly important) can be found atCentro Médico Dentiare de Luxemburg: You work all week and can offer a variety of services.


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