Cash in Your Firearms: How to Sell a Gun in the USA (2023)

So you have finally parted with your trusted Smith & Wesson revolver, but don't want to make any legal mistakes?

You're not alone.

With today's ever-changing gun laws, many gun owners first check their state's legal obligations before even seeking advice on selling a gun.

There are several ways to sell your firearms online quickly, safely and profitably. In this guide we will show you where and how to sell your guns and how to find the right buyers.

But first, let's clarify the legal requirements.

  • Why you should sell a gun
  • Problems selling a gun
  • where can i sell a gun
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    • 3.
  • How to sell a gun: step-by-step guide
    • 1. Clean and unload weapon
    • 2. Check your state's laws and regulations
    • 3. Register as a seller at
    • 4. List your item
    • 5. Adjust your firearm
    • 6. Check the list
    • 7. Contact your buyer
  • Things to consider before selling a gun
    • Conducting background checks
    • Preparation of a purchase contract for the weapon.
    • Filling out the paperwork
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • What is the best site to compare gun prices?
    • Can I buy a gun if I live in another state?
    • Do I need a background check to sell an antique firearm?
    • How should I rate my weapon?
  • Similar tutorials to try
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Why you should sell a gun

You know the saying, “Never sell. Just buy."

This is exactly why you should consider selling the firearms you no longer use.

With everyone sticking to their pistols and rifles, you can always find gun owners looking for a half price rifle.

Of course, the quality must also meet commercial standards.

Here are some reasons to sell a gun:

  • revenue: Buying low and selling high is a great way to make extra money, especially if you're the proud owner of a rifle that's out of production or out of production.
  • Disturbance: Many gun owners need help making room for their newer gun collections. Sure, it's hard to part with a valuable piece. But when the time comes, instead of settling for storing your guns in the garage, you'll wish you had more space in your gun safes.
  • Ruf: Once you start selling more guns, you will start to be recognized as a reputable gun dealer in the community. Your reputation has a positive impact on how quickly you find future firearm buyers.
  • peace of mind: When it's gone, it's gone. Selling your gun is difficult in the first few days. After that, you'll have more time to focus on your other firearms. Such a focused mindset ensures proper gun maintenance.
  • healthy economy: Almost half of American households own firearms and more than60 billion dollarscirculate in the market. Contributing to the arms market means keeping the American economy alive.

Problems selling a gun

While selling a gun generates additional cash and space, it's not exactly a win-win situation.

It is very likely that you will encounter various problems during the transaction. Most buyers are plagued by doubts and regrets even after a successful gun sale.

Before you start selling your guns online, keep these essential points in mind:

  • incorrectly calculated value: Be very careful when selling a particular part because you never know when a gun manufacturer will discontinue it. After a firearm stops working, the price usually increases significantly.
  • used is used: Once you've bought a gun, the papers say it's yours. This means that after the sale the price will drop sharply and you are unlikely to sell this gun again at anything remotely approximate.
  • Seller's remorse: Most gun owners really regret selling their gun because they got too used to it or because it is a valuable piece of their collection. Think long and hard about whether you really need the money.
  • ethics: You never know who you might sell your guns to. The FFL and background checks are not enough to assess how the future owner of your used gun will use those guns. Look closely and carefully at your buyers first.

where can i sell a gun

There are four ways to sell a gun. You can sell it:

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  • In trust: This transaction is carried out personally with a buyer.
  • Through an auction house: There are special auction houses dedicated to the sale of firearms.
  • At the local gun shopPfandhaus: Pawning your weapon is quick but not profitable.
  • In an online gun market: This is the tried and true method of the 21st century.

If you do not wish to sell your guns at auction, in a gun shop or in person,the best way is to sell them online.

These are the most popular online firearms marketplaces that offer great benefits to the seller.

Cash in Your Firearms: How to Sell a Gun in the USA (1)

Widely recognized as "the eBay of guns," is a premier gun auction house in Atlanta, Georgia, serving as one of the premier channels for buying and selling used guns.

Established in 1999, they have a huge market for all types of gun, hunting and sporting gear.

What makes this gun market great?

Because it's so popular, you'll find countless auction listings for many items. As both a buyer and a seller, you need to be constantly on the lookout for fantastic prices and deals.

Fees/Commission: does not charge listing fees until the gun is sold and they have no recurring membership fees.

Here is a more detailed table of your fees if you plan to list guns as a dealer:

Payment Methods: Credit Cards, Vouchers, PayPal, Layaway, Online Escrow Services, and USPS Money Order.

Another reputable firearms site is of course They are not an auction house but serve as the fastest licensed FFL dealer online with reasonable prices and seller benefits.

What makes this gun market great?

They're quick, easy and free shipping.

Just tell them about your gun, submit photos, and get a quote from their appraisal team. If the price is what you want, send the gun to your local dealer and wait for your transaction.

If you're looking to sell your entire gun collection,'s appraisal team can get you a great price. Otherwise you are free to make an offer yourself.

Fees/Commission: charges a 3% commission on new firearms, used FFL firearms, custom orders, a 5% commission on ammunition, and an 8% commission on used firearms, scopes and accessories.

Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover und Credova.

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Cash in Your Firearms: How to Sell a Gun in the USA (2) has been online since 1997 and is still going strong and is considered the oldest online firearms marketplace.

Here you will find many types of weapons and ammunition. However, since it is an oldie, there is a high chance that you will come across illegitimate users, so tread carefully.

What makes this gun market great? offers a Free Basic Membership, Trusted Monthly Fee Membership, and Platinum Membership for serious gun dealers looking to sell 5-10 firearms per month.

Fees/Commission: Basic membership has a 4% fee for each successful sale.

Payment Methods: Credit cards, money orders, and personal checks.

How to sell a gun: step-by-step guide

Regardless of how you sell your gun, these are the main steps you need to take:

1. Clean and unload weapon

Safety first. Always check the chambers to ensure the gun is empty before deep cleaning for the paying customer. If you can, sell the gun in the original case as well. He is ethical, professional and meets gun safety standards.

2. Check your state's laws and regulations

You must first check your state's laws before proceeding with the sale. You can check your state's laws by visitingwww.nraila.orgin the "Buy" section. Please note that not all states in the USA allow private sales.

Suppose you decide to sell your gun online; Here are the additional steps you need to take. We'll use as an example to show you step by step how to add a listing.

3. Register as a seller at

First, you need to create an account at Go to theregistration menuand fill in the details. Once this is done, will email you a code to activate your account.

4. List your item

Once you have verified your account, you will need to click the Sell Items button to list your desired firearm.

You will be asked to describe the weapon and must fill in the Category, Description, Payment/Shipping Information and Price fields.

You can also click theoptional servicesClick the button if you need tips to improve your listings and draw more attention to your guns for sale.

5. Adjust your firearm

You must take a picture of your firearm and upload it to your list.

This step is undoubtedly the most important, as how you grasp the lighting, features and angle of your gun will determine how quickly your item sells.

(Video) The BEST Way to Buy & Sell Used Guns - Gun Transfer

Try to make the photo as aesthetic as possible without editing it with external tools.

6. Check the list

Please check every detail before submitting the bid to make sure everything is in order. If you are then sure that you have received your entry, click on the "Submit New Entry" button.

7. Contact your buyer

If you receive an offer, make sure your customer is legitimate. It's considered good etiquette to ask for necessities like ID, agreed times and places, or to count money before proceeding with the paperwork.

Things to consider before selling a gun

If you decide to sell your gun privately, you should also consider the following:

Conducting background checks

Most states require that you first conduct background checks on your potential customer before selling them the gun.

You can do the background check at your local gun dealer who has a Federal Firearms License (FFL), where they will charge you a small fee to process it.

If you are selling the gun privately, both you and the buyer must be present at the background check to ensure that the person is authorized to purchase the firearm and that the type of firearm is approved for sale.

Tip: You should allow selling through your local FFL dealer if your buyer is from another state.

Preparation of a purchase contract for the weapon.

While not required, issuing a bill of sale before going to your local FFL dealer will ensure both parties agree on the price of the gun and method of payment, and will provide you with an official document for the transaction.

You can find oneTemplate for your state bill of sale here.

Filling out the paperwork

It is imperative that your paperwork for the gun is in order.

If you sell the gun and it is not registered in your name, the seller will mark it as a stolen gun under federal law.

Be very careful when filling out the paperwork. In most cases, this issue is overlooked with inherited or gifted guns, which almost always become a very serious offense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gun dealers often ask about state or local gun laws.

These are some of the most popular inquiries related to selling guns and completing paperwork or transactions.

(Video) How to sell & trade used firearms online at Buds How to sell/trade used firearms.

What is the best site to compare gun prices?

There are several firearms marketplace platforms and forums where gun owners actively buy and sell used firearms.
If you're looking for a diverse price range and variety of gun reviews, do a little shopping,, as well asThe blue book of weapon values.

Can I buy a gun if I live in another state?

Depending on their own state's laws, US citizens may purchase firearms if they follow their state's applicable gun regulations, typically by meeting standard FFL and background check requirements.

Do I need a background check to sell an antique firearm?

Any gun made before 1899 that uses rimfire or centerfire ammunition that is no longer on the market (or does not use that type of ammunition at all) is considered antique. No background checks are required to sell an antique.

How should I rate my weapon?

Gun collectors and dealers can properly value their guns by considering five factors: 1) condition, 2) rarity, 3) aesthetics, 4) history, and 5) make, model, and manufacturer.

Similar tutorials to try

In addition to weapons, here are some other tutorials to check out if you have other stuff lying around your house and ready to part with.

  • How to sell baseball tickets:Here's a tutorial on how to redeem old baseball cards. Check your attic. You never know if there might be a rare vintage card in your grandfather's chest that could be worth a small fortune.
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Don't let anyone tell you not to get rid of your guns if you really need more space and money to buy a new one. maybe you area deer hunter looking to raise money for a new camera.

These simple steps and considerations are the right direction for most gun owners to complete a transaction.

You just need to check your gun laws, but most importantly, think carefully before selling any of your guns.

Please share your thoughts on local gun laws and remember to share the article!

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What is the value of gun Sales in the US? ›

The U.S. firearm industry is worth approximately $28 billion. With the most firearms in the world, the U.S. firearm industry contributes a significant amount to the U.S. economy, up to $51.3 billion each year.

Do guns have resell value? ›

Generally, guns depreciate 15-25% when purchased. After that, though, their value stays fairly consistent for at least the next 15 years. Common guns do not hold value very well, because they are usually very easily available to the general public.

How much profit is there in selling guns? ›

5–10% generally, though some gun stores with little competition may charge more. You do need to shop around , though, as I've seen some marked up a high as 30% or so. Of course , if supply on a particular firearm is low , it would be more and that's understandable.

Is Cash My guns legit? ›

This company is truly “world class” and very professional to work with. Their offers are very fair and you get paid within days of them receiving and inspecting your handgun/revolver. I've sold quite a few guns to them over the past year and every experience has been excellent.

What is the average value of a gun? ›

How Much Does The Average Gun Cost? The average handgun will cost between $400-$800. Rifles will vary a lot more by caliber, but the “average” would be between $600 and $1,200.

Who is the largest gun seller in the US? ›

Hyatt Guns features more than 7,000 guns in stock on any given day making us the largest gun shop in the United States.

What guns are going up in value? ›

Collectible Military Gun Prices 2023

M1 Garands, K98 rifles, and combat shotguns have all seen their values rise dramatically. Long gone are the days when vintage military guns were so abundant they were modified for hunting or target shooting without a second thought.

What makes a gun valuable? ›

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. Although motivated by a variety of interests and objectives, all antique gun collectors benefit by educating themselves about the major factors influencing the price of a weapon: its make and model, condition, history and provenance, rarity, and artistic appeal.

What happens to guns in a buyback? ›

All of the guns turned in at buybacks we fund are destroyed. The specifics of how this happens are usually determined by the local law enforcement, who operates the buyback and assumes possession of the guns collected. Most commonly, the guns are melted down and the scrap metal is recovered.

What gun company is worth the most? ›

The largest gun manufacturer in the world is Smith & Wesson, whose gun sale revenue doubled in its last fiscal year to $1.1 billion. Colt, which reached No. 9 on the list, is the most prominent gun supplier for the U.S. military from the time of its founding in 1846 until World War II.

Do arms dealers make a lot of money? ›

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $109,500 and as low as $16,000, the majority of Arms Dealer salaries currently range between $28,500 (25th percentile) to $57,500 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $83,500 annually across the United States.

How many AR-15 are sold each year? ›

Make your inbox more interesting with newsletters from your favorite Atlantic writers. At least 20 million guns are sold every year in the U.S., about 4 million of which are AR-15 rifles. By all accounts, at least 20 million AR-15s are now out there, among the more than 400 million guns in circulation.

How much is worth the gun industry? ›

18.8 million firearms were sold in 2021, contributing $51.3 billion to the US economy, with an average of 7-9 million guns manufactured annually between 2017-2022. This shows the significant economic impact of the gun industry in the US.

How much of the US GDP is the weapons industry? ›

Defense outlays amounted to 742 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, which was about 3.3 percent of the U.S. GDP.

What is the trend in handgun sales? ›

According to statistics from 2020, there were 11.4 million handguns sold in the US that year – an increase of 65.3% compared to 2019 – and January 2021 saw a record-breaking 4.3 million firearm background checks conducted nationwide.

How many AR 15 are sold each year? ›

Make your inbox more interesting with newsletters from your favorite Atlantic writers. At least 20 million guns are sold every year in the U.S., about 4 million of which are AR-15 rifles. By all accounts, at least 20 million AR-15s are now out there, among the more than 400 million guns in circulation.


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