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Iwata's dead, Shiggy's out, and there's no one to say no to Aonuma.

What the hell is that?

I really shouldn't be surprised, but I still am. It's the same game. These are the same people who made Breath of the Wild. I loved the first game but still didn't pay any attention to the hype cycle of this game. I guess all the culture shock paraphernalia still sort of leaked through.

Remember when people thought there was a playable Zelda? shit lol

This review is based solely on the five (5) hours it took to get the glider and I have to say it just made me appreciate the Great Plateau in Breath of the Wild even more. Thematic cohesion. The secret. The framework for how the whole miniatures game would work. What skills would I have, how would I relate to the information in the game, what emotions could I expect from playing this game?

Maybe Tears of the Kingdom is a good game. Maybe theoretically it's just as fun to exist as Breath of the Wild. But in practice it won't be, it can't be. It didn't start in the wild but allowed me to discover the essence of the game on my own. It started with a knowledge dump about walking simulators from prestige games. A story dump that ended with a lot of Hot Anime Nonsense™.

Zelda and Link's confrontation with Mom Ganon was like stepping into the midseason finale of a show that's already in its second or third season. However, I already played the previous season and that context didn't help me at all! Is Ganon no longer a miasma but a guy with a voice? And is there a goat dragon that is Zelda's great-great-great-great fur? And the master sword is just useless?

Here's my meat. All of these are great for trailers and create 'hype' as 'hype' is fueled by speculation and curiosity. But the elements that generate hype aren't the same as the elements that fuel a genuine emotional connection to a character, story, or world. I'm frustrated because Breath of the Wild knew this very well.

The old man from the Great Plateau was mysterious, but he allowed himself to be stupid. He was generous but mischievous. You could see him in different contexts and learn more about him by exploring his house when he wasn't around. Being close to him created a fun little emotional connection. The twist of his true identity and the added twist of his ultimate destiny made me feel small bursts of emotion. Nothing special, but he was the tutorial NPC. That got me thinking, "Oh, this is a game and a game world that is going to be fun to invest in people in." And it was the perfect Segway to tell me what my mission was, what on was in the game and why it should interest me as a player.

The Great Great Great Great Hairy Goat Dragon is none of that. We know he's dead when we first meet him. Your dialogue doesn't make sense. There are a lot of slave robots on his small island, which he is surprised to discover are still working. Didn't you program them? Can't you deprogram them? Am I supposed to feel something about how he created a race of robotic slaves? Are you sensitive? I would have preferred to have Super Mario style signs on the floor telling me everything I need to know about the tutorials. Because it feels weird when a robot happily says, "Hey, there are some robots trying to kill you, so don't feel bad about killing them." Here are some combat tips to kill them! "

And then his sequence at the end of his tutorial level just screamed at me, "Hey, remember when you felt something at the end of your time with the old man in Breath of the Wild? We do the same here too! don't you feel anything Don't you remember that you loved that? And yes, I remember. And now I'm pissed that you're trying to copy your own damn homework without understanding why it worked the first time. I didn't develop a relationship with the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-goat-dragon. I don't know why he's quiet towards Zelda. Honestly, I miss all the statues of him and Zelda holding hands at the end of each shrine! Link is a cuckold now?

I mean, this is all superficial, but it really isn't, because during my previous time on Tears of the Kingdom, it felt like I was being led by the tail. This is a new Breath of the Wild skin, but it doesn't even have the decency to be honest with me. If we're going to have shrines and they're going to work exactly the same way, why have you bothered to give them new and thematically inconsistent designs? Why do upgrade orbs need new names, new lore? Changing the glow color of the shrines from blue/orange to green is actually a downgrade! These other colors were much easier to see from a distance in a game world with lots of green!

When I unlocked the first new Sheikah tower, I knew I was done. (You can't even call them Sheikah Towers nowadays!) Rising the Sheikah Towers in Breath of the Wild was an iconic, cinematic, and auspicious adventure in a changing world. The corresponding scene in Tears of the Kingdom felt like having an assignment. Hey, someone you know has already explored the world, had time to build awesome structures around every corner and just needs a cable man to come by and make sure the wiring is up to code! You know, that person who was a 100 year old loli in the last game! Well, now he's downgraded to guilt-free waifu status!YShe's super relevant to the plot! You'll probably get to talk to her more than Zelda over the course of the game!

Seriously, this loli was my least favorite part of Breath of the Wild, and Tears of the Kingdom felt it was important to post her loli portrait on their encyclopedia page? When will it ever look like this in this game? She has the courage to rename Zelda's magical iPad after herself! I thought about her (and made insider bets on whether she would be a waifu or if she had somehow aged)even more) hours before I saw her.

NOTHING. Nothing I've said so far really matters more than gameplay. And it wasn't a Great Plateau 2.

I was so disappointed with how linear this was. In theory, I understand the concept that launched it, the way it works. Tears of the Kingdom is a Lego game. I intentionally structured sections of small Lego kits so that the parts of one don't mix with the other and confuse people who have never encountered Legos before. But giving Lego kits to kids can change the way they interact with Legos. Heck, I remember thinking it was sacrilegious when my sisters disassembled my Bionicle to create their own Voltron-like monstrosities. But for those who hadn't read, couldn't read, or didn't want to read the guide, their playstyle was more intuitive, purer than mine.

Basically, Tears of the Kingdom didn't encourage me to think for myself, be imaginative and find my own way through things. I braced myself for the expectation that the tools and materials would be provided for each task to be completed. And without the spark of original creativity, assembling Lego bricks was the tedious monotony of fulfilling someone else's factory's work schedule.

When I saw the jumble of wood next to a Korok in an adorable backpack, I immediately thought what to do and thought, “What is that Nintendo Labo crap?” The tedium of turning the wood, it nailing it to a hook and waiting for the korok to slide down the slide: that was itProtocolI intuitively controlled the game in a matter of seconds and knew what the game wanted from me. And the reward was two turds of gold. I felt it deserved a five.

I feel like Aonuma has gone insane. You've spent so much time with this game engine that you've forgotten what made the original Breath of the Wild experience so special. He developed a game for speedrunners without first developing a game for normal people. In Breath of the Wild, the myriad systems, the freedom of choice, the hidden depths of the game's chemical and physical mechanics were slowly presented in juxtaposition with a Link, who carried nothing but a t-shirt and a stick with him. It all felt special because the game beat and killed you early on, so you valued and critically questioned anything that might give even the slightest survival advantage.

In Tears of the Kingdom you are given the option to climb through ceilings (with no stamina cost!!!) before being given the option to increase your stamina. Even before he has found a place worth climbing, any height is unattainable. There's nothing to make me feel like I can't climb there right now, but one day I will. This is so wild for me. This excitement will never blossom once you get a level 1 cheat code. This will make people look for places to exploit your cheat code instead of... interacting with it.What was the full foundation of freedom of exploration in the first game!

I can't stress enough how much I felt something thematically breaking within me when "Tears of the Kingdom" didn't even hint at the possibility that my first boon could boost my stamina wheel, which would give me more health. For a scene.

For a terrifying scene where Zelda goes to hell before we hunt some NPCs to hunt them downOthersNPC should watch her fuckonce again.

Does all this sound picky? crazy dream? I sound mean to myself! But I have to be honest, this game failed to pique my curiosity! And I gave Breath of the Wild 5 stars! I really wonder how much a gaming experience is based on the expectations set by opening times. If the only difference between "Breath of the Wild" and "Tears of the Kingdom" is in some ways the introduction and setting, it would be a valuable lesson in the importance of these opening elements.

I know that's not the only difference. Tears of the Kingdom is a fucking anime. It's sticky as hell. I lost it when Zelda's magical iPad triggered the real iPad's camera shutter.

Tears of the Kingdom is not a new game. It's a makeshift mod of an existing game by an old man who watched Fortnite once in 2017, approved by a company that has no idea what it's doing or why the previous game sold so many millions of copies. FromCourseYou'd be looking forward to a direct sequel to asset reuse that would sound vaguely like Minecraft! I'm disappointed that the same team that proved capable of developing such a comprehensive game theme line was content to tamper with something beautiful just for the sake of convenience.

Perhaps Link's hideous haircut and corrupted hand are a perfect visual metaphor for the soul of this game. A set of concepts grafted onto something great, regardless of how inelegantly they clash, while also showing a lack of maintenance to keep what came before presentable.

I'm very glad I didn't pay $70 ($70!) for this game, otherwise I would have felt compelled to stick with it long enough to understand the gacha mechanics enough to get mad at them.


How do I keep track of my video game collection? ›

These are the best video game trackers.
  1. Grouvee. Grouvee has a nice, clean interface and is easy to navigate. ...
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  7. Backloggd.

Is there an app for tracking game collection? ›

GAMEYE is the FREE, revolutionary way to manage your video game collecting addiction! Features: Over 100 platforms and 75,000+ games and adding more every day! Track upcoming and recent releases, with notifications when they release if added to your wishlist!

How do I organize my game backlog? ›

We here at Nintendo Life towers have come together and brainstormed a list of steps you can take to get your backlog back in order.
  1. 1) Assess Your Games And Make A List.
  2. 2) Schedule A Time To Play.
  3. 3) Keep Distractions Away.
  4. 4) Stop Unnecessarily Buying Games.
  5. 5) Stick With One Game, But Leave Yourself Options.
Feb 2, 2023

What is a backlogged game? ›

“Backlog” is a common term players use to describe their piles of untouched games. Bought Horizon Forbidden West, but have been too busy with Elden Ring to start it? It's in the backlog now. Do you grab free games from services like PS Plus every month, but never download them? They're stuck in backlog purgatory.

How do I see all my owned games? ›

  1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide, and then select My games & apps > See all.
  2. Under Full library > Owned games, you'll see all games that you own with the profile that's signed in to the console.
  3. If a game that you own hasn't been installed on your console, there's a download icon on the game title.

What is my games folder path? ›

Windows: On Windows, most save games can be found by opening File Explorer and navigating to "%homepath%\AppData\LocalLow". You can do so by pasting that file path into the address bar in your file explorer.

What app automatically records game clips? ›

Outplayed is the ultimate video capturing app for gamers. While playing, the app automatically captures your best moments and biggest plays, as well as manually recording on demand.

Does Fahlo have an app? ›

The Fahlo Animal Tracker lets you add your animals to an interactive tracking map to follow their journey, learn more about them, get important updates, and more!

What is a game finder? ›

Game Finder lets you track multiple games at once across different leagues so you never have to miss any of the action again. Skip the mindless channel surfing and stay on top of every other game that's being played with Game Finder's real time scores.

How do you store a large board game collection? ›

Go with a bookcase

Board games easily stack up onto the shelves of a bookcase, and if you've got an extensive collection, you'll have enough room for all your boxes. Even if you only have a few games in your collection, this is one of the best board game storage solutions for every family.

How do you organize a board game collection? ›

Create stacks of board game boxes—sort them by frequency of use and place those played less often on upper shelves and those that you or your kids play on a regular basis on lower, easier-to-access shelves. For any games that are in smaller boxes or bags, use bins or storage boxes to corral them into one place.

Is it illegal to backup games? ›

Under section 117, you or someone you authorize may make a copy of an original computer program if the new copy is being made for archival (i.e., backup) purposes only; you are the legal owner of the copy; and any copy made for archival purposes is either destroyed, or transferred with the original copy, once the ...

Is it legal to backup games? ›

So to answer your question, if you live in the United States YES backup games are legal, as long as you own an original copy and present the evidence that you do.

How do you calculate game behind? ›

Major League Baseball (MLB) defines games behind as "the average of the differences between the leading team wins and the trailing team wins, and the leading teams losses and the trailing team losses." A games behind column almost always appears in MLB standings for each five-team division.

What is Gog games? › (formerly Good Old Games) is a digital distribution platform for video games and films. It is operated by GOG sp. z o.o., a wholly owned subsidiary of CD Projekt based in Warsaw, Poland. delivers DRM-free video games through its digital platform for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux.

How do I hide my owned games? ›

Hiding Games in Your Steam Library

Right-click on the game that you want to hide, then click Manage > Hide this game to hide it. Your game will no longer appear in your library. It won't be deleted, it just won't be visible until you decide to restore it.

What is a game root folder? ›

Root folder (or root directory) is the top-level directory of a file system. It contains your store's source code and all other files.

What is a games main directory? ›

The game directory is the folder that the tools refer to when they are looking for a game's content.

Where are hidden files in Windows 10? ›

View hidden files and folders in Windows
  1. Open File Explorer from the taskbar.
  2. Select View > Options > Change folder and search options.
  3. Select the View tab and, in Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and OK.

Is there an app that records everything? ›

Camtasia. Camtasia is your first go-to screen recording editor tool. With Camtasia, you can record virtually anything on your computer screen whether it be websites, software, video calls, or presentations.

What app screen records everything? ›

The top 13 screen-recording apps for Android and iPhone
  • AZ Screen Recorder.
  • Unlimited Screen Record.
  • OneShot.
  • Screen Recorder.
  • Rec.
  • Mobizen.
  • Lollipop Screen Recorder.
  • Ilos Screen Recorder.
Nov 30, 2022

Is Fahlo tracking legit? ›

Fahlo is legitimate. We partner with a variety of wildlife conservation organizations and we really do donate a portion of the proceeds from every purchase to the organizations connected with the campaigns.

Is the Fahlo app free? ›

Download the free Fahlo app. Pop open the back of your bracelet and scan the included QR Code - voila! Fahlo will assign you an active, real animal to track.

How does Fahlo tracking work? ›

How do I track my animal? When you get your animal tracking card in the mail, there will be a little QR code on the card. Simply open up your iPhone or Android camera and point it at the QR code. A notification will pop up for you to click on that will take you to your interactive map!

How do I find hidden games on my phone? ›

Go into settings, then go to the about phone page. Tap the Android version section repeatedly (a few fast taps), and a screen will appear with your Android version cover page. Then you usually need to tap or hold part of the screen to open the game, in our Android 5 version you tap the yellow circle.

How to work as a game tester? ›

How to become a game tester
  1. Upgrade your gaming practice. The most important part of becoming a game tester is to become an intentional and conscientious gamer. ...
  2. Build technical knowledge and skills in game testing. ...
  3. Participate in public beta testing. ...
  4. Build a game tester resume. ...
  5. Apply for game tester jobs.
May 17, 2023

What is the game with location and spy? ›

A typical game of Spyfall lasts for between 6 and 10 minutes, depending on the time control. Each player receives a card representing the same location, except one player who receives a "spy" card. The spy has to guess the location, while other players have to identify the spy.

What is a good backlog size? ›

The optimal backlog size usually is below 150 items. If it grows beyond this, to 200, 300, or 400 items, the backlog is too large. Similar signals can be found in the calendar time. If you estimate that it will take more than half a year for the team to finish all work on the backlog, the backlog is too large.

Is it better to store board games vertically or horizontally? ›

Go Vertical for Board Game Organization

Storing board games vertically (think: books on a bookshelf) is usually a better way to go.

What is the largest board game collection? ›

WCCLS is home to more than 2,000 board games, making it the largest circulating board game collection among any public library system.

What is the best way to store a lot of games? ›

Keep game pieces together: Our favorite way to keep game pieces together is with the use of plastic bags. Snack size ziploc bags work great for board game pieces and decks of cards easily fit into sandwich size plastic bags.

What board game put things in order? ›

The 'Sort It Out Game' by Paul Lamond is a fast-paced, 2-4 player game, that challenges players to place topics in the correct order whether it be from biggest to smallest, fastest to slowest, loudest to quietest etc… you get the gist!

How do you stack board games? ›

Storing board games by vertically stacking them on a shelf or bookcase is probably THE BEST way to save space when storing board games. By stacking the boxes vertically you are able to fit so many more games onto the shelf. This saves plenty of space because the boardgames are concentrated in a smaller area.

Is it legal to rip CDs for personal use? ›

Copying CDs

It's okay to copy music onto special Audio CD-R's, mini-discs, and digital tapes (because royalties have been paid on them) – but not for commercial purposes. Beyond that, there's no legal “right” to copy the copyrighted music on a CD onto a CD-R.

Is it legal to pirate a game you already own? ›

This is that nebulous area of software piracy commonly referred to as Abandonware. Following the letter of the law, it is illegal to pirate an Abandonware game; however, the moral implications are a little less rigid.

Is it legal to crack old games? ›

Unwanted attention from law enforcement. Finally, it's important to remember that using pirated gaming content is illegal. Depending on the jurisdiction in which you live, it could lead to fines or even jail time, if use of cracked software can be traced back.

Is it illegal to own a copy of the guy game? ›

Illegality. The Guy Game is illegal due to it including under-aged pornography.

Is it illegal to download discontinued games? ›

So, is abandonware legal for download? The simple answer is no, abandonware is not legal. Even if the creator abandons a copyrighted work, it does not become public property automatically. The copyright on the work exists until the copyright expires, the duration of which varies from country to country.

Do you own a game if you have the disc? ›

Another big plus: There are no subscriptions needed for physical games; they're always yours. What's more, unlike digital games, physical games have a resale value. This value can even rise above the original purchase price if the game becomes a collector's item.

How can a team be half a game behind? ›

One win more and one loss less puts a team one game behind. If a team has played more or less games, each game different is figured as a half game.

What does above 500 mean in basketball? ›

500 is a measure of how many games they would need to lose (if above) or win (if below) to reach the . 500 mark. When we say a team is 10 games above . 500, that means losing 10 games would bring them to .

What is GB and L10 in NBA? ›

What is GB and L10 in NBA standings? The “GB” stands for “Goals By,” and it is a statistic that shows how many goals a team has scored. The “L10” stands for “Lines Oft Causing Double Plays.” It is another stat that shows how often the opposing team makes double plays against the home team.

How to keep track of video game collection reddit? ›

Your fav apps for tracking your collection?
  1. “Gamer” - the best way I've found to display gaming cover cart. Also a nifty way to track which games you've completed vs which ones you haven't l.
  2. “Backlogger” - mostly for making custom playlists / wishlists / lists ranking my games.
  3. the PS app. ...
  4. native iPhone notes app.
Aug 10, 2022

How do you store game systems? ›

When you are eager to preserve game consoles in long-term storage, make sure you first place your game console in a cardboard box or dustbin cover. Then place it in a storage bin with snap lid, advises Dewayne O'Neal, owner of 3-Bits Games, a retro game shop in Southern California.

How do I track games on my iPhone? ›

Go to Settings > Screen Time. Tap See All Activity, then tap Week to see a summary of your weekly use, or tap Day to see a summary of your daily use.

What is Saved Games folder? ›

The Saved Games folder ( shell:SavedGames ) is a component of the user profile that is used as a unified location for storing personal data. By default, the Saved Games folder is a shell folder in the user's profile (%UserProfile%) that is used as a default storage location for saved games.

Does video game waste time? ›

But consider the trade-offs of these activities, including gaming: you're neglecting your friends, family, your mental and physical health, as well as your career. If that's the case for you, then gaming is a waste of time – just like any other activity with the same trade-offs would be to this extent.

Why do I hoard in video games? ›

Inflating Options:

The main reason for the hoarder syndrome is scarcity. The more important or vital an item/option is to the player's success, the easier it should be to acquire them. The player is more willing to experiment with different tactics when there is little long-term harm if they mess up.

Should I keep my old game systems? ›

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but this is our recommendation. If the console is dead, you obviously have no choice but to dispose of it safely as electronic waste (or you could sell it for parts to other users and repair shops). However, if it still works, then keep it.

How do I store a lot of games? ›

  1. Streamline open shelving with storage bins and color coordination. ...
  2. Invest in cute, clearly labeled bins. ...
  3. Ditch the game boxes for labeled plastic cases. ...
  4. Stock up on mesh pouches for easy storage (and transport). ...
  5. Upgrade your living room ottoman. ...
  6. Turn your game boards into wall art. ...
  7. House boxes on slide-out shelves.
Jul 5, 2022

How do I turn on tracking for games? ›

I want to change my response – can I do that?
  1. Open the “Settings” app on your device.
  2. Choose the “Privacy” option from this list.
  3. Choose “Tracking” from this list.
  4. Here, you'll be able to choose your tracking preferences on a per-app basis.
  5. Toggle the setting to allow tracking for your chosen game.
Nov 15, 2022

What app can track activity on iPhone? ›

The Health app gathers health data from your iPhone, Apple Watch, and apps that you already use, so you can view all your progress in one convenient place. Health automatically counts your steps, walking, and running distances. And, if you have an Apple Watch, it automatically tracks your Activity data.

How can I see what websites my child has been on iPhone? ›

Web Activity with Safari History

If you want to check Web activities on your child's phone, you can go to the history menu of their favorite browser. Since Safari is the predominant browser on iPhone, you can check its history to know what websites have been visited.

How do I show hidden files? ›

View hidden files and folders in Windows
  1. Open File Explorer from the taskbar.
  2. Select View > Options > Change folder and search options.
  3. Select the View tab and, in Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and OK.

How do I access AppData? ›

Search for "Run" in the windows search as shown below, or press the Windows + R button to open the Run App. In the run app text box, enter "%AppData%" and click OK. Windows will directly open up the Roaming folder which is inside the AppData folder.

What does deleting local Saved Games do? ›

On the Manage storage devices screen, select: Clear local saved games. This deletes games saved to your hard drive, but they'll still be saved to the cloud.


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