Amber Rose's Incredible Transformation - The List (2023)

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Bernsteinroseis a model, author and podcaster known for many reasons. If you read Rose's 2015 interview withCosmopolitan, You may have heard that she started working in adult entertainment at the age of 15, too young to support her family. You may have also heard that she dated Kanye West for two years and that the rapper later said that after their relationship ended, he had to wash himself 30 times before he could date ex-wife Kim Kardashian. You might even have heard that Rose has two kids with two different men (e.g.beings).

But for every story about Rose that seems far-fetched or inappropriate, there is a truth behind it that shows that she is a woman who has overcome difficulties and who continues to grow despite those challenges. Here's a look at where she's come from and how she's transformed from her very humble beginnings. This is Amber Rose's stunning transformation.

Amber Rose had a rough childhood.

While it might be easy to look back at Amber Rose's success now and assume that her life has always been easy, the reality is that she's faced a lot of demons in her past. Rose was primarily raised by her mother, who praised her in an interview withCosmopolitan: "She taught me compassion, and she taught me how to be a good person." Although Rose didn't see her father, who was an active military man, very often, she thinks fondly of him now.

Rose told The Sun that her childhood was challenging for a variety of reasons, including growing up in what she described as a "tough" neighborhood in Philadelphia (forSede AZπŸ‡§πŸ‡· She explained that between random shootings and difficult interactions with her peers, life wasn't easy. β€œI was fighting girls in my neighborhood the whole time. But he was right. If you have a problem with someone, fight it," she told AZCentral.

Rose added that she knew almost everyoneWhen she was youngended up with substance abuse or died young, making them something of an anomaly.

Amber Rose started her career in adult entertainment

amber rose accountCosmopolitanthat she dreamed of being a marine biologist since she was a child, but that those dreams didn't come true when real life began. She started working in adult entertainment at age 15, but the path wasn't one she was ready for. She said the job seemed to be beyond what she intended, explaining: "I was a kid. I think I was a virgin at that time.

After taking a step back, Rose returned to the industry at 18 and worked there until she was 25. This time she was ready for it. "It was the best time of my life! Oh my God, I had so much fun. Seriously," she told Cosmopolitan. "All the girls were really nice... I made friends for life."

Rose eventually began to expand, bringing her adult entertainment backgrounds into the broader world of general entertainment.

The model started operating in 2007

Amber Rose landed her first acting role in 2007 when she starred in the TV series 'a ghostπŸ‡§πŸ‡· The Discovery Channel show features stories from real people about their own encounters with the paranormal world, sometimes portrayed in reenactments. Rose played a character named Jessie when she appeared in the episode "spirits of the dead.

Rose has since racked up a few acting roles. She made a guest appearance in ''Schwartz' in 2015, although some fans were a little underwhelmed by the role she played.Raffinerie29Let's just say Rose's character, Dominique, is "the kind of cliched female character we should be working to eliminate from TV and film, and Amber Rose has the platform to help make that happen."

Rose showed up too"It's Amy Schumerfrom 2015 to 2016, which seems to have led to a friendship with Schumer himself (bypeople).

In 2008, Amber Rose started appearing in music videos

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Acting on television isn't the only entertainment role Amber Rose has under her belt. In 2008, she made her music video debut when she appeared in the music video for the song "Put On" by Young Jeezy. The experience was also memorable because it was there that she met her ex-boyfriend, Kanye West. Since then, Rose has appeared in several music videos, including the video for the song "What Them Girls Like" by Ludacris and the video for "Massive Attack" by Nicki Minaj (perlife and style).

Rose later spoke to Life Files about her time as a music video model and explained that she felt she took a "classic" approach to the job. "I did interviews... I did a video... that's why they still respect me so much to this day," she said.the jasmine brand"Did my job... got my check and went home."

Her tumultuous relationship with Kanye West put her on the map

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As previously mentioned, Amber Rose and Kanye West met on the set of her "Put On" music video in 2008 and dated for two years. Referring to those who rap and praise West for starting his career, Rose bluntly said, "I don't owe him anything" (according to theNew York Post).

Since going their separate ways, Rose and West seem to have made every effort to speak negatively about each other. Rose has been candid about the challenges she's experienced over the course of their relationship, telling the New York Post in 2012 that West isn't able to commit. "He can't be faithful, and not just with one person. He's just unfaithful with a lot of different women," she said, adding, "It got to the point where I thought my heart couldn't take it anymore."

In an interview with Star magazine, Rose blamedKim Kardashianfor contributing to his breakup with West. After sharing that Kardashian allegedly sent West photos of himself while with Rose, the model added that the reality star was "one of the main reasons Kanye and I aren't dating. She's a home wrecker" (perRadar Online).

Amber Rose met her ex-husband on Twitter

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Amber Rose started dating Wiz Khalifa in 2011, a year after things ended with Kanye West. Rose said it laterus weeklythat the two met in a very modern way: on social media! She shared, "We originally met on Twitter. He was interviewing me and the guy who interviewed him said, 'If there was one girl in the world, who would you be with?' He said 'Amber Rose'.

Upon Khalifa's admission, Rose took the first step by striking up a conversation with him on the platform. They soon met, fell in love and got married in July 2013 (byTwitterπŸ‡§πŸ‡· They had a lot to celebrate at the time of their wedding - Rose was pregnant with son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, born in February 2013 (according topeople).

However, things between the two changed and they announced that they would be getting divorced not even two years later (bypeopleπŸ‡§πŸ‡· Khalifa later saidplayboythat the end of the marriage was difficult, but that he took something from it, saying, "Sometimes leaving helps, even if it was super hard." For her part, Rose attributes her divorce to early marriage. as she saidPodcast β€žB Real mit Bethennyβ€œ., "I feel like if we had stayed longer in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, we might have worked it out and gotten married later."

She spoke openly about how motherhood changed her.

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Amber Rose is currently a mother of two. In 2019, she gave birth to a child for the second time.her and her current ex-boyfriend Alexander Edwards(also known simply as AE), have welcomed their own son, Slash (viaunited states todayπŸ‡§πŸ‡· Slash is now the younger brother of Rose's eldest son, Sebastian, who she shares with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa (byBBC News).

Rose was candid about the rolematernityplayed in your life. she saidpeoplethat, like many mothers, she can keep her fear of her own children awake even at night. "You think about the worst things that could happen to your baby and that really sucks," she said.

Rose was also quick to admit that, despite reading several books on motherhood, she definitely doesn't know everything when it comes to parenting. But instead of feeling overwhelmed or worried that she's not doing enough, she focuses on letting her own instincts take over. As Rose explained to People, "Your maternal instinct kicks in and you figure it out along the way. And that's the fun part of it.”

The release of her first book in 2015 was a huge success for Amber Rose.

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In 2015, Amber Rose officially added to her growing list of roles and achievements with the release of her first book, to be a bad bitch”, which is billed as part memoir, part self-help. According to the book's Amazon description, "Covers finance, career, love, beauty, and fashion, emphasizing confidence, positive self-acceptance, and authenticity."

While promoting the book, Rose gives an interviewGQwhere she shared what it was like to present her work to Simon & Schuster Publishers. After admitting that she was worried the publisher might not understand what the book was about, Rose told GQ that she was relieved to walk into a room full of women. She asked a question - "Have you ever been cheated on by a woman who was less attractive?" - and the space erupted in conversation.

She said the realization she had was this: "How do you win? You do exactly what you want to do. And if it doesn't work out, then it's just not for you."

These days, Amber Rose can take care of herself

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When it comes down to it, it seems like lately the only thing that particularly intimidates people about Amber Rose is that she can take care of herself. At least she definitely thinks so. Rose really is a formidable force in entertainment: through her various pursuits and endeavors, she has played in just about every part of the field while remaining completely financially self-sufficient.

Rose is aware of the situation and tellsGQthat she knows a lot of men can't handle that. β€œI have my own house. I have a Ferrari I have a Jeep I have an Escalade... I have a beautiful son, two assistants, lawyers, CEO, management and access to pretty much anything I want," she said, adding that it is "intimidating" for some men and that they feel, so just get comfortable with someone who is more or less on the same level as them.

His successful career has resulted in an impressive net worth.

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All that hard work paid off in very real ways for Amber Rose. In reality,celebrity net worthestimates his total net worth to be around $12 million. This number is the result of her years of journeying through Hollywood and beyond. In addition to her work as a model and actress, Rose is also the voice behind several songs, most notably "Fame" and 2012's "Loaded".

Rose is also the owner. She bought a Mediterranean mansion in Los Angeles for just under $4 million (as of April 2017).Maria Clara) in 2016, the same year he sold his previous home, a two-story contemporary he bought for $5.1 million (in April 2016).architecture summaryπŸ‡§πŸ‡· The new block, built in 2015, came complete with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, library and bar, in addition to more traditional amenities.

Real estate isn't Rose's only high-priced interest. That onedaily mailrevealed that she also seems to have a soft spot for outlandish cars, like the $371,000 Rolls-Royce she also bought in 2016.

It's important to Amber Rose that her children are feminists

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Amber Rose takes her role as the mother of her two young children very seriously. she saidpeoplethat the birth of their first child, Sebastian, helped her understand that while being raised a feminist is equally important to him, he must be able to see his mother as a "superwoman". As a woman who has endured a lot of shame about who she is and how she has spent her personal and professional time, Rose told the publication that she hopes her son will make a difference for the girls and women in her life. She explained that when Sebastian hears a girl being insulted, "she wants him to be the first one to say, 'Dude, that's not cool. That's not how you talk to women.'”

Rose echoed this idea in another interview withTeenie-VogueπŸ‡§πŸ‡· In explaining that she exposes her son to the female body through art, she said, "I feel like parents when we're talking to our kids [and] making things very taboo and sexual and weird, or we're like, 'No, no. , no, don't look' … it makes them say, 'Why? the girls and women around them.

The model says the death of Kobe Bryant inspired her forehead tattoo

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The deaths of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant in January 2020helicopter crashrocked the lives of people around the world, as did Amber Rose. In February 2020, she debuted two new tattoos on her forehead: her sons' nicknames, Bash and Slash. When talking to "Face to face with Keyshia Cole" said Amber, although she felt it could be considered silly by some, the deaths of Kobe and Gianna inspired her to get the tattoos, but somehow after Kobe (Bryant) died, it got me thinking about my life. I want people to be like, 'Oh, Kobe died and you got a tattoo,' but it kind of was."

She added that her own father's cancer diagnosis was another reason she felt moved to make such a permanent change to her face. His experience helped her understand how short life can be and, as she said in the interview, she decided forehead tattoos were the right thing to do to honor her children. The model and mother of two simply said, "That's how I felt and I'm glad I did."


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